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This is not mine; I every so often go through GunBroker's NFA stuff and found a very reasonable Colt M16 A2. I know your ad said M16 A1. I do not know the Seller, but the gun is very reasonable at a BIN of $30,500. It is not all original as it does not have the right upper.

Again, just saw the post and a great gun on GunBroker. Best of luck! Lonnie Joe of CFE LLC
I have two Grease Guns, 1 Guide Lamp Transferable and 1 Ithaca Pre May DS, and I have plenty of spares. I will offer $400 shipped for all your parts and I really don't need them. I probably have 50 + Grease Gun magazines, so if you want to keep it, I will still offer $400 for the rest. Thanks, Lonnie Joe of CFE LLC
Good afternoon.
You are correct, that is a full auto closed bolt in the Micro you posted a link too. I'm sure it still has the limiter block in the lower.
Hope this helps,

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