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  • continued from previous message:

    But it appears that in the 1994 run, they did not pay enough attention to the manufacturer roll stamp. In the 2008 run, perhaps they did not even any longer have access to A2 forging pattern receivers. In any case, in those two runs, he left evidence of what he was doing. There is no telling if other guns were done "correctly". But clearly by the 2000s, he realized his mistake with the manufacturer markings and reverted do a "Colt's Firearms Division" roll-stamp die.

    I cancelled the sale with the dealer. There is too much risk. Heck even the guys with Olympic receivers are soiling themselves thinking that one day ATF is going to confiscate their guns.

    Did you know all this at this level of granularity, or were you just going on a hunch, or making me work for it, or what?

    Hello, Sir -

    I called Colt. They confirm that the "Colt's MFG. CO. INC." markings went into usage in 1990, as my personal ar15 collection shows. A legal registered machine gun should say "Colt's Firearms Division" or "Colt's Patent Manufacturing Co. Inc."

    And the A4 reinforced receivers are clearly post-2000.

    From what I have ascertained from the dealer, this "employee" in 1994 and later in 2008 had the guns "assembled" from Pre-1986 receivers. Perhaps there were other runs too.

    But we all know that he took new receivers and had them stamped with the old SNs.

    I don't know if he ran the roll-stamp machine himself, or had a low level employee meet him back in the plant at night or what.

    to be continued...

    Scott 801 664 2180
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