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Jan 15, 2022
So I put together my full size uzi carbine( Israeli surplus parts kit, century receiver, green mountain barrel) and I've taken it to the range 4 times now and it has been very unreliable for me. So each time it's always the same issue, I load the magazine pull the charging handle all the way back and release, the bullet will always catch and ride into the chamber but every single time will have a light strike, so far I've tried about 6 different brands of 9mm, 3 of them being 115g, 1 being 160g+p, 1 147g, 1 124g. The past 2 range trips however have had the same issue but this time the bolt actually gets stuck forward with a round in the chamber. So I'm looking for any possible leads on what may be causing this issue. I did use a feeler gauge to make sure that they cover is within usable range but when I put the magazine in, maybe it bends it back? I made sure to lube the bolt and any spaces I see that it rubs excessively just to ensure that it doesn't grind on anything that may stop it. I'm definitely no expert on this platform but just wanna be able to shoot it:( any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


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Jan 1, 2003
Make sure you didn't use a century firing pin instead of normal one,, don't know the difference but it could affect it. Check top cover clearence

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