Magazine Loaders




If you have an UZI, you probably have a lot of magazines. If you have a lot of magazines, you know that it can take some time to get them all loaded before a trip to the range. Fortunately, there are a number of good loaders to help you with that process. UZI magazine loaders operate in basically one of two ways. The first type of loader depresses the magazine follower, allowing you to slide the next round in easily. The second type of loader pushes rounds directly into the magazine. This works because UZI magazines are double wide all the way to the feed lips, as opposed to older style magazines that were double stacked but narrowed down to single column near the feed lips. This type of push loader holds rounds above the magazine and the operator pushes the column of ammo directly down into the magazine. Load time can be significantly decreased, though the force required to push down the rounds can bring back some wear and tear on the thumbs.

Don't forget that there will always be times that you need to load a magazine without a loader. The easiest way to load an UZI magazine without any tools is by "bump" loading. To bump load a magazine, set one round on top of the magazine feed lips. Grip the magazine with one had and place the thumb of that same hand over the round to be loaded. Lift the magazine up and strike the bottom of the magazine on a hard surface like a table. The sudden stop will cause the follower and any rounds already in the magazine to depress the magazine spring, allowing the new round to be pushed into place with very little pressure on your thumb. This technique actually works better once you have a few rounds in the magazine due to the increased momentum that compresses the magazine spring.


LULA Loader


The excellent LULA loader is now available for the UZI. The loader snaps onto the top of an UZI magazine and each time the lever is moved forward or backward, it pushes the follower down and allows another round to be dropped into the magazine with zero resistance. As fast as it loads magazines, it can unload them even faster. You won't find a better loader. The LULA is made by maglula in Israel and is available through resellers that carry Butler Creek products.



IMI 5 Round Loader





This simple loader produced by IMI sits on top of the magazine and allows five rounds to be stacked in place, ready to load. All you have to do is push the rounds straight down into the magazine. It works well but you'll find that you want to push the rounds down with something other than your thumb. The long finger sticking out the bottom of the loader is for unloading magazines. Here's the original instruction sheet provided by Action Arms.


IMI Magazine Loader



This simple loader slides over the top of a magazine and depresses the magazine follower, making it easier to slide in the next round. It's designed to use with single feed position magazines, like the .45 ACP and .41AE magazines, not double feed position magazines like the 9mm.


Cammenga Loader

The Cammenga loader is an all plastic push down style loader that holds up to 16 rounds. A magazine is slid into the end of a full loader and the handle is depressed to force all the rounds into the magazine. The Cammenga works great on IMI 25 round magazines. Other magazines (including IMI 32 round and contract magazines like the South African 25 round magazines) often fit tightly in the loader. Grinding or cutting away some material on the magazine loader may be necessary to get a good fit. The Cammenga loader is available from a number of vendors including Vector Arms.

Kvar Loader


The Kvar loader is the same design as the Cammenga loader but its construction is all metal rather than plastic. Up to 16 rounds are loaded in the tray, the cover is closed, the loader is placed on top of a magazine and the charging handle is depressed to push all rounds into the magazine.



Rapid Loader

The C3 Rapid Loader was designed after the Swedish K loader. It's a push down style loader but instead of the loader holding the ammo, the loader is fed by 30 round plastic clips - five rows of six rounds. Each push of the loader plunger pushes another six rounds into the magazine and then the clip is gravity fed to align the next six rounds. A full magazine can easily be loaded in 2-3 seconds. One does have to preload the clips, but that can be done at any time and stored that way for the next trip to the range.



The C3 Rapid Loader is no longer manufactured but there are quite a number still around. Finding spare clips is the hard part and the value of this loader really hinges on having a lot of spare clips. Fortunately the metal clips from Swedish K practice ammo work great in the Rapid Loader. The metal clips are 36 round (six rows of six) and function just like the original plastic clips. Check out this suggestion for loading the clips.

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