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Loading the C3 Rapid Loader Clips

Submitted by UZI Talk member ratski

Loading clips for the C3 Rapid Loader can be a challenge to say the least. Sometimes I donít know which is worse, loading the clips or maybe just thumb loading the magazines. One of the big advantages to the clips is that I can have a lot of them loaded and take with me to the range for an outing. Admittedly, I can load a lot of magazines (sometimes) but it still makes my thumb sore. One of the solutions is to use the metal clips that hold 36 rounds that come with the Norma training ammo. Unless you have the subcaliber conversion barrel , you canít use this ammo effectively in your firearm, so some folks will buy the ammo and ditch the rounds for the metal clips. This still leaves the dilemma of how to put your loaded rounds easily into the clips for future use. Here is the method that I use. It is by no means the easiest out there (Iím sure) but it works for me.

I use a lot of Sellier & Bellot and find that the 25 round plastic trays they use work well for this method. The large 50 round trays that a lot of other ammo come in just seem to be too large or the rows are spaced too far apart to work this method.

First step is to remove the middle row of five rounds from the plastic tray. If you have several empty plastic trays, use the middle rows to fill up the empties. Be careful when doing this that you start with the second row and work out. If you place the first round in the outermost row, the tray will tip over. Starting in the second row will stop that problem.

It is important at this stage to have a solid raised area to rest the plastic tray with the rounds in it. The working tray has to be elevated above the working surface. If you try to do this on a flat surface, the resulting loaded rows will prevent proper loading.

Align the first two empty rows of the metal clip with the first double row of 9mm rounds.

Using your thumb and hand, slide the tray down the row to load 10 rounds into the metal tray.

This will give you two rows of 5 rounds as shown. Donít worry about loading the two remaining rounds in these rows yet. If you have a lot of these to do, it will break the flow.

Now, rotate the plastic block so that the other double row of rounds is in your working area. Rotate the metal clip so that the loaded rows are on the outside and donít interfere with the sliding process. This is where you will find the need for the raised surface and the missing middle row.

This will now give you 20 rounds loaded in four rows of 5. Take another plastic clip and repeat the process for the final two rows.

This process will give you six rows of 5 rounds in the metal clips.

To load the final single rounds, I have found that holding the clips and bending them slightly out will help facilitate the process.

Then it is a simple matter to place the six single final rounds in place to give you six rows of 6 rounds.

The first time or two that you do this with the clips, they might be a bit stiff and take some jockeying around with, but with practice it gets easier and quicker. Sure makes loading the magazines a lot easier. Also, be very careful with your fingers during this process. These clips can be sharp and if you slip while applying pressure you can cut or puncture your hands and fingers.

Hope this helps someone out there!

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