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Assuming that your UZI isn't wasting away on a shelf in your safe, you'll need to shed that original packaging and outfit it with a case and maybe a holster before heading to the range. Here are some options.

Padded Cases

Action Arms sold two different padded cases for the UZI. Both were made by KOLPIN and were blue with gold UZI lettering. The standard case held a semi UZI with a 16" barrel in the gun, plus accessories like magazines, a loading tool and a sight adjustment tool. The smaller SWAT case had a barrel sleeve in the case so a semi automatic UZI could be carried with the barrel out of the gun, or it could be used for an UZI SMG.

Standard Carry Case


US Ordnance & Ammunition has imported newly manufactured copies of these UZI cases. They are made in Israel and are exceptionally high quality, with thick padding and a Nylon shell. For information and availability, you can contact US Ordnance & Ammunition at





Action Arms also had a series of cases designed for law enforcement use. They were designed to fit full auto guns with shorter barrels.


Hard Cases

Action Arms sold Samsonite briefcases that were specially designed for the UZI SMG and Mini UZI. The case for the full size UZI used magnets to keep the gun and spare magazines in place. Note that it held the full size UZI with the stock partially unfolded for quicker deployment. The Mini UZI was secured by foam that was cut to precisely fit the gun and spare magazines.

The Samsonite cases were popularized though use by the United States Secret Service. One of these cases can be seen in the photo of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.





When Cobray made the M11/.380 suppressed operational briefcases, they made a small run of non-suppressed UZI cases that fired the same way. A mechanical lever was actuated on the bottom of the case to fire it by pushing it forward. Operational briefcases are subject to NFA restrictions.

Belt Holsters


US Ordnance & Ammunition imports a form fit leather belt holster for the UZI Pistol and the Micro UZI. The holsters were made in Israel and came in lined or unlined, and brown or black leather.(click on the photo for a larger image.) For information and availability, you can contact US Ordnance & Ammunition at







Shoulder Rigs

If you're looking to conceal carry your UZI, one of the best alternative is a shoulder rig. A shoulder rig allows the UZI to hang vertically at your side, affording the best concealment for a relatively large under cover weapon.

The DeSantis rig is one of the best known shoulder rigs, gaining its reputation from its use by the United States Secret Service. The rig secures itself to the UZI by wrapping around the rear part of the receiver, allowing the gun to hang freely at your side. An optional keeper can be attached to your belt and will secure the barrel of the UZI, preventing it from swinging. The rig doesn't actually pivot for use but does have enough range of movement for the gun to be brought horizontal and fired while still in the rig. A similar rig is available for the Mini UZI. The DeSantis rig is available exclusively through





The DeSantis MAC rig also fits the UZI Pistol and Micro UZI and is available through




Another shoulder rig is available from Holsters International. The company is run by Paul Evers, a custom holster manufacturer from England who does a lot of work for law enforcement agencies. He offers a couple of different style rigs for the UZI and one for the Mini UZI. He's also working on a new holster design for the Micro UZI that can be worn on the belt or from a shoulder harness. Most of UZI designs from Holsters International also hang the gun vertically at your side. Some of the rigs use a steel pivot point so the gun can easily be brought to horizontal for firing from the rig. For more info, check See the UZI Talk review of this product for more information.

Full Size UZI


Mini UZI









US Ordnance & Ammunition is importing shoulder holsters for the UZI Pistol, the Micro UZI and the Mini UZI. The holsters are made in Israel and are available in a variety of styles and colors. (click on the photo for a larger image.) For information and availability, you can contact US Ordnance & Ammunition at

























While Action Arms was in business, they sold a shoulder rig manufactured by Active leather for the Mini UZI. The rig was made of soft suede leather and held two magazines. They are stamped "Active Leather Inc UZI Holster Made exclusively for Action Arms Ltd."



At one time, Galco made a shoulder rig for the Micro UZI and UZI Pistol. The rig attached to the pin that secures the grip frame to the receiver.


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