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The Mini UZI shoulder holster by Holsters International

Submitted by UZI Talk Member RoverDave


I recently purchased a shoulder rig for a Mini UZI from Holsters International in Liverpool, England. I spoke to the owner, Paul Evers, before ordering to ask a few questions. Paul custom makes all his holsters to order and he asked me some basic questions about my build to make sure the rig would fit me properly. Initially I assumed that it would take quite some time to get a custom holster made but he told me that hed have something ready in just a few weeks. That was a pleasant surprise because I know many holster manufacturers in the US such as Milt Sparks have several month backlogs for ordinary pistol holsters. Paul did mention that at times he gets a bit of a backlog if hes doing a large law enforcement or military order, but I had caught him at a good time. The holster arrived per the time frame Paul predicted.

The holster holds the Mini UZI vertically under the right arm and has a dual magazine pouch under the left arm. The magazine pouches have dual snaps and will snuggly hold either 25 or 32 round magazines. A belt keeper hangs below both the holster and the magazine pouch to secure them to your belt. The holster itself is a marvelous two piece design. The back part of the holster is a metal reinforced keeper that runs along your body down to your belt. Its leather covered on both sides to give a comfortable but rigid platform to secure the gun to. A sturdy swivel connects the keeper to the second part of the holster, which wraps around the UZI like a glove. Two wide straps go around the front and rear of the receiver and metal reinforced straps run the length of the receiver on both the inside and outside of the gun. The gun is absolutely safe and secure in that harness. The shoulder harness is fully adjustable and I had no problem getting it to fit to my liking.

Once the gun is strapped in and the shoulder harness is on, the gun can be freely swiveled to a horizontal position and fired without undoing anything. And heres a great bonus. The shoulder harness is universal and can accept other shoulder holsters that Paul makes. Along with the UZI holster, I ordered a horizontal holster for my SIG P229. All I have to do is unsnap the magazine holder and snap on the SIG holster and Im ready to go!

The craftsmanship of the whole product is superb and Paul has been a pleasure to deal with. He has a couple of different shoulder holsters available for the full sized UZI as well as other guns like the MP5, plus a full line of pistol holsters. Paul is looking into a new design for the UZI Micro and Pistol as well. Ive been extremely pleased with this product and would highly recommend it. I'm waiting for my credit card bill to see what the exact price turns out to be. With the current exchange rate, the Mini UZI rig with the dual magazine pouch should be about $160 US, which is a very reasonable price.

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