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The 4th annual UZI Talk Shoot was held on May 4-6, 2007 near Dallas, Texas. Shooters from the east and west coast plus many areas in between joined local shooters for three days of good fun. Terrible storms ripped through the area during the week prior to the shoot but the weekend was hot, dry and perfect for the event. The shoot was held at Mickey's Place, a private range south of Dallas. The layout of the range permitted long and short range shooting plus open shooting while the subgun match was going on, all of which ensured there was never a dull moment.

The North Dallas Machine Gun Shooters Association organized the subgun match on Saturday. New and experienced competitors tried their hand at three challenging stages and the match ran the entire day.

As in past years, the UZI Talk shoot was not just about UZIs. A large variety of subguns, assault rifles, belt feds, shotguns and pistols could be seen over the three days and there was something new for anyone taking the time to visit with the other attendees. 

One of the informal events held on Sunday was a suppressor comparison. There were no formal sound measurements taken, just some side by side comparisons so people could hear the differences first hand. Generally speaking, there was not a lot of perceived difference in any of the .22 pistol suppressors, even comparing the smallest and lightest models. The 9mm suppressors all produced comparable results, with the exception of Ranger55's M16/9 Coastal suppressed upper that seemed to be noticeably quieter than the rest of the group. The comparison also demonstrated how significant the bolt noise is on the UZI with its heavy open bolt. Here are a few photos from the suppressor comparison:

*** Click on photos to enlarge ***

Doctor_Evil with Gemtech Mk9K on a full size UZI.
Stryker112 with a Coastal .45 suppressor on a MAC-10.
BeachinBeemer with an AWC Mk9 on a full size UZI.
Ranger55 with a Coastal upper on M16/9.
Stryker112 with a Gemtech Mk9K on an MP5.
Chili17 with a .45 Coastal suppressor (rebuilt by Ozark Armory) on a full size UZI.
Shooters fired in sequence for a great side by side comparison.
Carla tries the Suppressed Walther P22.
Two Walther P22s. Chili17 shoots the Tactical Innovations Stratus suppressor and BeachinBeemer shoots the SRT Commanche.
Cousin_Evil explaining life, the universe and everything.

Thanks go out to all the attendees who showed some great hospitality during the shoot. There was a helping hand, something to be learned or a gun to be shared no matter where you turned. Special thanks go to Chili17 for handling a lot of the local preparation for this year's shoot. Also thanks to SubGunFan, Vegas SMG, IMINI, texasvwnut and 1Shot for sharing their photos.

Be sure to check the links above for details on the event and a lot of pictures.


4th annual UZI Talk shoot, brought to you by RoverDave and Chili17.

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