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The subgun match for the 2007 UZI Talk shoot was held on Saturday, May 5th. Shooters were grouped into one of four divisions:
    - UZI Open (optics or more than two non-standard features)
    - UZI Stock
    - Non-UZI Open (optics or more than two non-standard features)
    - Non-UZI Stock

The course consisted of three separate stages, some of which had multiple shooting boxes. Each stage had a mix of steel targets plus shoot and no-shoot cardboard targets. Each shoot target had to be hit with 3-5 rounds in the kill zone. All targets had to be shot in order to avoid penalties. The diagrams below are not drawn to scale but do show the relative target positions and sequence of fire.


Stage 1

View from Box 1           View from Box 2 (left)         View from Box 2 (right)

Course of fire:

- Start at box 1. Shoot from behind a barricade and address the targets (green lines) by "slicing the pie", minimizing exposure.
- Move to Box 2. Shoot all targets (blue lines) closest to farthest.



Stage 2

View from shooting box

Course of fire:

- With stock held under the arm, shoot the four close targets. (Green lines.)
- With stock in normal shouldered position, shoot remaining targets closest to farthest (Blue Lines).



Stage 3

View from box 1

Course of fire:

- Start at box 1. Shoot two center targets closest to fatheest
- Move to EITHER Box 2. Shoot all targets (blue lines) closest to farthest. Shoot ALL targets left or right handed as prescribed.
- Move to OTHER Box 2. Shoot all targets (blue lines) closest to farthest. Shoot ALL targets left or right handed as prescribed.

The Match results:

UZI Open:
1 Shot 245.16
DBintexas 258.47
RoverDave 263.27
KWM1970 267.89
ScooterTrash 323.88
IMINI 369.92
Doctor_Evil 376.12
Carla 719.57
Non-UZI Open:
Chili17 133.55
James 133.67
Jmacken37 186.30
Draftee 216.56
Paul 220.95
Renegade 221.34
Darrel U. 258.92
Jeff B. 282.05
Austin B. 290.43
Scott C. 327.05
Vegas SMG 338.58
drw 545.33
UZI Stock:
okpud 223.42
BeachinBeemer 256.76
Coronelli 335.26
James S. 360.60
txvwnut 388.11
Scooty Puff Sr. 388.94
Nationwide 437.15
Jdment 460.73
Non-UZI Stock:
hrt4mw 145.06
Jason K. 255.04
SubgunFan 285.80
Y2k87k2000 315.23
Michael C. 501.97
Mark M. 518.27
Shawn M. 641.19
Chris B. 666.49


*** Click on photos to enlarge ***

SubGunFan on stage 1 with his S&W76. ScooterTrash grapples with the cursed off-hand targets on stage 3.
okpud gets a short break from his scoring duties to shoot his own round. The Evil boys size up stage 3.
The crowd gathers at the start of the match. Chili17 runs through the shooting instructions for each stage.
kwm1970 with his UZI. IMINI on stage 3.
Vegas SMG opts for the extra long mag in his M11/9. Chili17 on the run.
1 Shot on his way to victory in the UZI open class. RoverDave with his UZI.
drw with his M16/9 DBintexas has no trouble in his first match.
Carla mows them down from the hip on stage 2. Dinner and awards Saturday night at Spring Creek BBQ.
Coronelli wins the drawing for the IMI subsonic ammo. Cousin_Evil and Vegas SMG win the 2007 Asshole of the year award (stock and open class). With Chili17 disqualified from the competition, they were shoe-ins.
Preparing for the next stage. No mag changes for me!
Comparing notes during a break in the action at the match. Scooty Puff Jr. does a quick mag change on stage 3.
Everyone was great about helping with target resets. The Chili-MAC.
MP5 from the hip. 3-5 shots in the kill zone - dead!


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