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The West Point Museum is located in Highland Falls, New York - just outside the gates of the United States Military Academy. It's possibly the oldest and most diverse public collection of miltaria in the Western Hemisphere. UZI Talk staffers cookie and Sturmgeschutz recently visited the museum and found an amazing collection of small arms (and not so small arms). Here's a closer look at what you can find there. Click on the photos below to see a larger image.

Israel Military Industries UZI SMG

Chinese Type 56S


Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)

Beretta 1918

Beretta M9 & German flare gun


Miscellaneous bolt-action rifles

Borchardt Automatic Pistol Model 1893 & Mauser Machine Pistol Model 1912

Miscellaneous breech loading rifles

Bren Mark I

British Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

British Nordenfelt Volley Gun 1880

British Tank

Chinese Type 56 RPD

Colt 1911

Colt Peacemaker

Soviet Degtyarev

Early repeating rifles

Fat Man Atomic Bomb

Fat Man (the end that the residents of Nagasaki never got to see)

German FG-42

French C.S.R.G. "Chauchat"

IMI Galil / Egyptian Port Said

Gatling Gun

German Anti-Tank Rifle 1918

German "Parabellum"

Gyrojet pistol

Miscellaneous handcannons & matchlocks

Adolf Hitler's "Lilliput" pistol


U.S. Johnson

Lewis Model 1916

Luger 1914


M3 "Greasegun"



M16 with M203 / M14

Vickers (top) / British Maxim 1893

General Yamashita's sword (with facsimile of Japanese surrender and actual pen used to sign it)

British Maxim Nordenfelt 1895

Various Machine Guns

Various Machine Guns (with Sturmgeschutz blocking the view)

Medal of Honor, U.S. Civil War


Miscellaneous muskets

Pistols and sword belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte

OSS Liberator

Gen. George Patton's Thompson M1A1

Miscellaneous percussion rifles

Soviet PPsh-41 / German MP-40 (and others)

PPsh-41 plaques

Remington 1863 Army Revolver


Schmeisser MP-18 / Thompson prototype

Miscellaneous self-loading rifles

Czech Skorpion Model 61

Russian Maxim 1910

Spencer Carbine

Sten Mark V


T-48 (FAL) / G3 / BM59

Thompson M1A1

Miscellaneous wheellock & flintlock rifles


USMA Cadet uniforms, 1833 & 1933

USMA Cadet uniform, 1816

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