Almost every UZI made (the exception being the UZI Pistol) comes from the factory with a place to mount a sling. The sling was a natural piece of the UZI design, fitting in with its form factor and the weapon's intended use. A sling may not be essential for a trip to the range, but they can be handy and they definitely give the UZI a finished look.

The Standard Military Sling





The standard issue sling for the full size UZI (SMG or semi automatic) is a cotton web belt with a metal buckle and a leather keeper on each end. The sling is threaded through sling loops that are mounted on the gun.

How Do You Work That Buckle?



If you're looking at a standard military UZI sling for the first time, the way the buckle works may not be immediately obvious. But when the sling is properly threaded through the buckle, its simple but effective design will make you appreciate it. A properly threaded sling is secure, easy to adjust, retains its set length and is easy to remove from the gun without disturbing its current size. Here's what a properly threaded sling should look like.



The IDF also issued their standard cotton web sling with a padded shoulder strap. These were never made for export and are fairly hard to find.




The Mini & Micro UZI Sling




The original IMI sling for the Mini UZI was the standard web belt with the addition of a spring clip on each end for attaching to the eyelets on the gun. This was used for both the Mini and Micro UZI.







IMI later produced a wide nylon web belt for the Mini and Micro UZI.  Both clips have a Velcro sealed flap that covers the clip, minimizing any direct metal to metal rubbing between the sling clips and the gun. The sling has one adjustable buckle to change the overall length of the sling.

Three Point Tactical Sling

A three point tactical sling is an option on the UZI even if there aren't slings made specifically for it. Something like the CQB Solutions tactical sling sold by Brownell's would fit on the UZI, Mini UZI or Micro UZI. Their "Universal" model sling would strap directly on to the swivels of an UZI. It could also be used on the built-in studs of the Mini UZI and Micro UZI by using standard sling swivels.

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