UZI Optical Mounts




The UZI was not designed for optical sights and the construction of the receiver does not lend itself well to any sort of optic mounts. The two primary problems are the bolt retracting knob and the top cover. The bolt retracting knob sits on top of the receiver and its range of motion takes a lot of room, plus it sticks up quite a ways. Additionally, the UZI top cover does not provide a very firm platform for mounting optics. Despite these problems, various mounts have been designed for the UZI. Action Arms  sold mounts for both the full size UZI carbine and the UZI Pistol while they were in business, and a number of aftermarket mounts have been made as well.

If you put any kind of optics on an UZI it tends to make the cocking knob a bit awkward to operate. That problem can be addressed by replacing the factory cocking knob with an after-market side cocking arm.







UZI Talk member Teps71 makes a low profile side cocking lever for the UZI. The base of the handle is case hardened for durability. If interested in this product, contact Teps71 through  his web site: JJ Custom, LLC. Other styles may also be available.




UZI Talk member M60joe sells cocking handles in right or left hand models and also in one or two finger sizes. If interested in the product, contact M60joe through his web site: M60joe.



When using any mount that attaches to the top cover, you want to make sure the cover has a snug fit to the receiver. Loose covers (side to side movement) can be tightened two different ways. One way is to pinch the sides of the top cover slightly so it fits snugly against the receiver. Another option is to use filler to take up any space between the top cover edges and the receiver. Instructions to do that can be found here.


Picatinny 1913 Rails



Vector Arms sells a Weaver/Picatinny style rail that clamps to the UZI top cover. It's made of 70-75 alloy, hard anodized black aluminum and will accommodate most any type of optics system.  The improved design was based on an already successful, current Israeli military model.  The mount slips onto the top cover from the rear, and is clamped in place with nylon-tipped set screws.


BWE Firearms builds a top cover with a permanently mounted Picatinny rail. The rail places the optics above the iron sights for a "heads up" view of the target area. These rails are available for full auto or semi auto UZI's.






B-Square made a unique weaver rail for the UZI. The aluminum bracket can be mounted above the gun for optics or below the gun for lights or lasers. The steel nut supplied replaces the original UZI barrel nut. Note that the new barrel nut is secured by set screws that tighten down on the receiver's barrel nut threads. Damage to the threads is possible and great care should be used.



Here's what the B-Square Weaver rail looks like when mounted on top of the gun. A small hole in the bracket permits the use of iron sights without removing the rail.


The ARMSON mount attached to the UZI top cover in the same fashion as the mount Vector now sells.

Dr. Optics Top Cover mount

BWE Firearms sells top covers with an integral mount for the Dr. Optics sight. The base for the sight is welded right to the top cover. The mount for the Dr. Optics sight sits very low, allowing you to co-witness the red dot with the iron sights. Covers are available for full auto or semi auto UZI's - full size, Mini and Micro.






Action Arms Side Mount for Full Sized Carbine

Action Arms sold a scope mount that attached to the side of the UZI receiver, avoiding problems with loose top covers. The scope mount attached to the pin that holds the grip frame on to the receiver. It had standard 1" rings that sat up high enough to clear the fixed sights and the bolt retracting knob.



Action Arms Top Mount for Full Sized Carbine



Action Arms also made a scope mount that attached to the top cover of a full sized UZI.


Action Arms Top Mount for the UZI Pistol

Action Arms made a scope mount for the UZI Pistol. The mount attached to the pistol's top cover and had standard 1" rings.

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