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Installing a fixed wood stock on a semi-auto UZI

Submitted by UZI Talk Member Teps71


The original UZI machine gun was designed with a quick detachable wood stock and many of those surplus stocks are available today at a very reasonable price. People sometimes want to use them on their semi-auto UZI and while they do fit, it is not legal to put them on the gun. Putting a quick detach stock on a a semi-auto UZI with a standard 16" barrel is not legal because the stock is not counted in the overall length of the gun (since it's quick detach) and the rest of the gun does not meet the 26" minimum length requirement.

IMI did make a version of the stock with permanent mount hardware specifically for the semi-auto UZI, but those stocks are difficult to find and much more expensive than the surplus machine gun stocks. A cost effective alternative is to convert a quick detach stock into a permanent mount stock. UZI Talk member Teps71 created this simple conversion outlined below. The only part needed in addition to a standard surplus UZI SMG stock is a bushing similar to the bushing used to attach the folding sort, only shorter. Teps71 has these bushings for sale, as well as completely converted stocks. For more information on purchasing these parts, contact him through his web site: JJ Custom, LLC.

I made a threaded bushing to attach the stock hardware to the back of the receiver. The bushing is shorter than the one used to attach a folding stock so it does not protrude from the rear of the receiver.

The bushing actually sticks out further than pictured but still below (.025") the face of the rear of the receiver.

Here is the original plate with the needed modification. The button that normally mates with the hole in the back of the receiver has been removed and a hole drilled in it's place.

Another view of the modification to the original mounting plate.

With the new bushing mounting on the inside of the receiver, the mounting bracket can now be attached using the same bolt that held the folding stock on.

Here's the finished product - a permanently attached stock. This stock was a Centerfire System combo deal that I refinished. The stock locks up tight - unlike many quick detach stocks and it retains the quick detach lever for an authentic look.

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