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The UZI does not lend itself naturally to accessory rails. It has no built-in rail, nor any mounting points for a rail. However, that does not stop creative individuals from designing around these limitations and in fact a number of after-market solutions are available. If you need to mount a laser, a light, a vertical foregrip or any other standard rail accessory, there's an option for you.


UZI Talk member barrelxchange makes a foregrip with an integrated rail system. The rail locks tightly to the grip, giving a low profile and a rock solid mount for any accessory. It's an ideal rail for supporting a vertical grip. The rail is available for the full size UZI and the Mini UZI. For more info on this rail, contact barrelxchange.




GG&G sells a light/laser mount that is attached to the left side of an UZI foregrip. The position of this mount keeps the light away from the area you would normally hold on to the gun. It's available with either an M3 rail or a standard 1913 Picatinny rail. For more info, check the GG&G web site here.



The other primary rail mounting spot on the UZI is the bayonet lug. A variety of rails are available for this. These rails can be mounted so the rail extends back along the grip (ideal for use with a vertical grip) or then can extend forward (ideal for lights/lasers). Most of these rails secure themselves with a set screw, which will mar the finish on the bayonet lug. It's common for a lug mounted rail to not sit perfectly level with the gun on a Vector UZI. Vector has confirmed that this is common on their guns.




GG&G sells a bayonet lug mounted aluminum rail. The length of the rail would only allow it to be used on a full size UZI unless the rail was modified. For more information, check out the GG&G web site here.





Tdi Arms makes a bayonet lug mounted rail in a couple of different sizes. See their web site here. They also have a variety of interesting rail mounted accessories.




Vector Arms is also selling a bayonet mounted aluminum rail, which comes in two different lengths for use with the full size or Mini UZI. It secures bayonet lug with set screw.


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