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For those that have ever tried to find Micro UZI accessories you know how frustrating the search can be. Due to the fact that the Micro does not have a big market like the AR/M16 and others, manufacturers are not making parts for it.  Below is a detailed list of parts that can be easily adapted to the Micro with nothing more than a standard drill, hack saw and flat head screwdriver.  This Micro UZI is used as a combat field weapon here in Israel so the accessories had to be tough, practical and readily available if replacements were needed.

All I did was take existing bolt-on parts, that can be readily found everywhere, and adapted them to the Micro. None of the accessories were specifically made for the Micro but they worked well on the weapon. The configuration show below is only one of many options that can be done with the Micro UZI.  Once a few key parts are bolted on to the weapon the configurations and add-on's are endless and left only to the imagination, enough to give the M4 & MP5 accessory list a run for their money. 

All of the accessories (with the exception of the AR stock adapter) can be found at any gun parts accessory store or web site. Ebay is the best place to find all the accessories listed below. All parts can be sent INTERNATIONALLY.  I ordered most of the accessories on Ebay and most sellers ship internationally (I love the guys in Taiwan - 10 days to Israel).

This article is my Mitzvah to all you Micro UZI owners.  I know your pain.  Hope this helps!


Micro UZI with just a few possible accessories.


Micro UZI optic mount/base

The most important accessory was without a doubt an optic mount/base for the Micro.  The standard UZI has a much longer top receiver cover so mounting a scope base is much easier. However the Micro UZI has a very short top receiver cover so a few minor changes had to be made. NOTE: This same configuration can likely be done with the Mini UZI as well.  Class 3 owners may want to buy a new receiver cover from Vector Arms in order to avoid drilling holes in the original receiver cover.  A new cover is fairly inexpensive.

The mount shown above is TDI Arms "SR-A" Picatinny Rail - Short length (for mounting to AR/M16 heat shields).  The plastic spacers shown protruding from the bottom of the mount in picture #2  were originally designed to fit in the heat shield holes of the AR/M16. However they made a nice "mini riser" for the optic, and at the same time made more room for the cocking slide to fit when the breach is open.  What is nice about the TDI Arms mount is that it comes with pre-threaded holes so no drilling and tapping was necessary on the picatinny rail.  A standard steel picatinny can be welded to the receiver cover as well, however I prefer to work with what I have immediately available, and a welder isn't one of them.

The screws (Picture #3) that came with the TDI mount had to be replaced with more low profile screws in order for the bolt carrier to clear the screw heads when firing.  Also there are two plastic notches on the corners of the TDI rail itself that may need to be filed off or trimmed down with an X-acto knife in order to slide on some optics mounts.  One will want to mount the TDI as far to the rear as possible in order to make for the maximum amount of clearance for the cocking handle (Picture #1). Obviously you will want to make sure the TDI mount is straight when marking the drilling holes on the cover.

The only other modification was to cut down the slot cover. In order to avoid having the slot cover hit the TDI optic mount (located to the rear of the top cover) the slot cover had to be cut down by about 1 inch. Cutting the slot cover has no affect on the gun's functionality.  Again Class 3 owners may want to buy a new cocking rail and cut it down instead of the original.

Pictured is an Aimpoint comp M2/M68 (copy) with ARMS quick detach "Throw" mount.  With the TDI in place the types of optics and accessories that can be mounted to the Micro UZI are endless.

Quick target acquisition and second shot placement are greatly improved with a Aimpoint type optic.  A must for a combat weapon.  As one American soldier put it this optic is "used to make bad guys wish they weren't bad any more".

Accessories like this Yankee Hill Riser (YHM-226) can also be bolted on to the TDI base.  I used the riser to mount the Night Vision scope (shown below) because extra clearance was needed in order to clear the factory site. 

The Yankee Hill Riser also allows for use of the factory sites even with an optic mounted on the weapon.  The only down side was that the elevation adjustment on the Aimpoint had to maxed out in order to compensate for the high elevation of the optic after bolting on the riser.  For this reason I only used the YH riser for the NV optic.


Micro UZI foregrip mount

The mount for the foregrip, flashlight and laser is a UTG Tri-Rail mount (#2). The UTG mount has 3 picatinny rails, one on each side and one on the bottom.  UTG makes a number of these universal barrel mounts (a 3 notch for shotguns and a 5 notch for larger rifles.)  The "2 notch" UTG fits perfectly on the Micro UZI barrel, and even leaves enough clearance space for the factory muzzle compensator notches in the barrel (picture #2).  All the necessary tools and mounting hardware are included with the UTG mount.  I did not attach any accessories to the left picatinny rail because this weapon sits on a sling and I wanted a narrower profile in the field. However it is there to use if need be 

In order to keep the forgrip from hanging down too far it is recommended that the "lower hole" in the mount be used (see picture #3.) Picture #3 shows the barrel mounted in the lower hole of the UTG mount as opposed to the upper hole (seen just above the barrel).  This was done because when mounted in the upper hole the foregrip hamgs down past the factory hand grip to the rear.  This mounting method also allows for the mounting of a small laser just above the barrel if desired (however I used another laser mount).

There are an endless number of foregrips available on the market.  The one pictured here is a UTG Ergonomic grip with battery storage compartment. The compartment holds batteries for the flashlight, laser & Aimpoint and it has a rubber  O-ring around the threads making it water tight (for those rainy days in the field).  The UTG feels very comfortable in the hand and has a short mounting base (very important with the limited space of the Micro UZI barrel). There are shorter foregrips, m16 handle style foregrips, and even folding foregrips on the market. However make sure that the foregrip has a short mounting base so as to avoid extending past the end of the barrel.

I also trimmed a small amount of plastic off the inside of the grip base (just the corners) in order to get it to slide past the barrel nut. Once the corners were shaved a bit the grip slid all the way to the rear and sat against the bayonet lug (picture #1).


Micro UZI flashlight and laser mount




The flashlight mount shown in Pictures #1 & #4 is a ICS Tri-rail flashlight mount (MC-75). The ICS mount takes all standard 1" inch flashlights such as the Sure Fire. It also has 3 picatinny rails that bolt onto the mount for attaching even more accessories.  The ICS mount shown in picture #1 only has 1 picatinny attached to it (because I only needed one for the laser) however the other 2 picatinny's can be bolted on if needed (as shown in picture #4).

The flashlight shown above is a super bright Xenon 90 lumens torch. There are other smaller flashlights on the market however I went with this one because it was so damn bright.  The flashlight is illuminated by either pressing on the momentary switch located in the rear or screwing the cap (like a Maglite) for a "constant on".  I intentionally didn't install the pressure switch to the light because I wanted to be able to use either hand to turn it on. This set up allows me to light it up with my trigger hand (thus allowing 1 handed operation of the weapon if need be) or foregrip hand.

I get muzzle blast on the flashlight body because it sticks out past the barrel, but the brightness is worth it (it is brighter than my 3c mag lite).  Thing works great for clearing buildings at night.  Soon I will put an extended muzzle brake on the end and hopefully this will reduce some of the powder build up on the flashlight.



This NCSTAR Pistol flashlight (with Weaver Rail mount) is one of many flashlights that can be mounted onto the MICRO UZI's UTG barrel mount.  The NC STAR is much smaller and only requires 1 CR123 battery (as opposed to th Xenon's 2 batteries).  While it is bright (65 lumens) the NC STAR is not as bright as the Xenon shown in picture (90 lumens), so I chose to stick with the Xenon despite its larger profile.


The laser is a standard BRONS firearm laser, with weaver mount.  The laser is mainly used for intimidation.  Because many of our engagements are against bad guys that are not visibly brandishing a weapon the laser lets him know that if he is not cooperative a 115gr slug is going to replace the little red dot on his chest.  It is very effective. Plus it saves a lot of paperwork.

The laser could have been mounted to the left picatinny rail on the UTG Tri-rail mount (which makes the weapon balance nicely) but I wanted a narrower profile so I mounted it on the right side under the flashlight via the picatinny rail on the ICS Flashlight mount.  There is enough space for the hand to fit (see picture #2).  I also cut down the wire on the laser and soldered in a smaller push button switch Picture #2 (not necessary but it reduced the amount of wire and gave a lower profile to the switch).  I also cut down some slack on the elastic band that holds the switch in place in order to keep the switch from moving around and to hold in place more tightly.


Micro UZI AR/M16 stock

The factory folding stock on the UZI is sufficient however it feels like a clothes hanger attached to the weapon.  After standing for 3 hours at a check point waiting for a terrorist to show up with this "clothes hanger" sitting against my shoulder I decided to find a better stock for the Micro.

ACE Ltd makes some phenomenal custom stocks and folding stock adapters for the AR/M4/M16 and other weapons systems.  While I did modify one of their adapters to fit the Micro UZI I am still working with them to improve the design that I came up with.  I soon hope to have an adapter that will allow the AR stock to be used with the factory folding hinge, to fold on the right side and still allow the weapon to be fired with the stock folded.  Once a mount is available I will post more details and pictures.


More Micro UZI pictures

Micro UZI with stock folded (32 round mag.)


Micro UZI with stock open. Black block located in center of folding stock is a small spacer made out of "Fimo" plastic. This spacer keeps the stock off the receiver about 1/2 inch so the foregrip can be used when the stock is closed.


Micro UZI with sling (ear plug pouch seen at front end of sling.)


Micro Uzi with Night Vision scope. Think you don't need an NV scope on a Micro?  The Micro will easily pop bad guys at 100m.



More Micro UZI pictures

The weight of the all steel, fully loaded Micro UZI with all the accessories is 7.7lbs (heavier than our M4's).  This is actually an asset in terms of reduced recoil and controllability.  The added front end weight of the forward mounted accessories also gives the Micro a very nice balance.  Anyone who has fired the Micro UZI or MAC is familiar with the odd balance of the weapon.  The added front end & back end weight gives the Micro UZI a much improved center of balance and controllability.  I am a die hard fan of the MP5, but this fully loaded Micro has definitely won me over.


Approximate prices of accessories


TDI Arms "SR-A" Picatinny Rail - Short length.......$15

Aimpoint comp M2/M68.......$350
Aimpoint copy (shown in pictures)......$40

Yankee Hill Riser (YHM-226)......$15

UTG Tri-Rail mount (#2)........$25

UTG Ergonomic grip (with battery storage compartment).......$20

ICS Tri-rail flashlight mount (MC-75).......$25

Xenon 90 lumens torch flashlight.....$10-$15

CR123 rechargeable batteries (x2) w/charger.......$15

NCSTAR Pistol flashlight (with Weaver Rail mount).......$22 

BRONS firearm laser, with weaver mount.......$15

AR15 4-position Collapsible stock.......$25

Folding stock mounting bracket.....price not yet available.

Night Vision scope......$300-$4000 depending on generation


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