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Got an UZI? If so, then it's time to show it off. There are only two qualifications to get your mug displayed here. You must be a member, and you must be shooting your UZI. No glamour shots of people posing for the camera - we want action! If you have a photo to submit, send it to the UZI Talk Librarian






UZI Talk member imi9guy shows how to have fun with an UZI Pistol.






UZI Talk member chili17 allows his brother to take the UZI for a spin. It's a converted Model B with a .22 conversion kit and a Bowers cac22 suppressor. Look Ma, no muffs!








UZI Talk member chrisp929 tries out a dealer sample Mini UZI.






"Keep the mags coming dad!"
    - Vegas SMG takes his daughter out to the range.








Tannerite Girl!
- Vegas SMG takes his other daughter out to the range. UZI + tannerite = big smiles






"Pass the Ammo!"
    - Salvo





"What did you say about my hat?"
- Vegas SMG






"Sometimes a guy just has to let his Mini UZI do its thing."
    - RoverDave





"This UZI is older than I am!"
    - Sturmgeschutz

UZI Talk members epegors and RoverDave are joined by RoverScott (brother) for a weekend of UZI fun.
Gear: Vector UZI, Vector Mini UZI with Gemtech Raptor, IMI Model A with fake suppressor.

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