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Submitted by UZI Talk Member kyle


If you own an UZI, you probably own a lot of UZI magazines. They've been reasonably priced in the U.S. and people stock up on them after past bans on high capacity magazines made shooters worry about future availability. After buying a bunch of these magazines, you'll need a good place to store them and UZI Talk member kyle has come up with the perfect solution. Using a standard 50 caliber ammo can and a few pieces of cardboard, you can create the perfect storage box for 28 UZI magazines (25 round). This wildly popular idea has come to be known as the "kyle box" among the UZI Talk members. Here are kyle's instructions:

The ammo can measures 5-1/2" by 11". I used a U-haul moving box for my cardboard. Two pieces together are about 3/8" thick. The height of the honeycomb is 5-1/2". I suggest you use a carpenters square.

1. Cut (1) panel 5-1/2" by 11". Measure a 1-3/4" border all the way around and cut out the center window. This piece goes in the bottom of the can to try and get us a flat "floor".

2. Cut (2) panels 5-1/2" by 5-1/2". These are the two end panels.

3. Cut (2) panels 10-1/2" by 5-1/2". These fit inside the two end panels and complete the "liner".


4. Next cut (3) panels 10-1/2" long by 5-1/2" high. Draw a line 2-3/4" up from the bottom. This is how high you will cut the interlocking slots.

5. Next, along the bottom, mark the following distances:
1-1/2" , 3" , 4-1/2" , 6" , 7-1/2" , and 9" .

6. Then make a mark 1/8" on either side of the "centerline mark. Repeat the process along the line drawn 2-3/4" from the bottom and then connect the two marks lying outside the centerline marks. This defines the slots which you cutout using a utility knife. The slots are 1/4" wide.

7. Next cut (6) panels 5" wide by 5-1/2" high. Again mark the centerline 2-3/4" up fro the bottom.

8. Next make centerline marks at the following distance along the bottom:
1-1/4" , 2-1/2" , and 3-3/4" .

9. Again make marks 1/8" either side of the centerline marks and then repeat process along 2-3/4" centerline. Pencil in the slots and then cut out.

Here's what one of the short panels looks like...

10. Then all you do is interlock the panels and you're done!

Here's the final product. 700 rounds ready to go!

If you start with a larger can - like the N463 fuse can - you can fit 32 or 40 round magazines.

Here's a 50 caliber ammo can filled with 25 round magazines compared to an N462 fuse can with 32 and 40 round magazines

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