Blank Barrels




IMI produced a barrel especially for firing blanks. The following information documenting the proper use of these barrels comes from original IDF training manuals:


Using Blank Ammo Training-Ammunition 9mm UZI SMG

1. Blank Ammo allows shooting the UZI SMG with similar conditions to shooting live ammunition. This ammunition is similar to wood-slugs/bullets.
This ammunition will be essentially used for: a) two-positional exercises, b) to stop an enemy – in exercises and areas where live ammunition is not allowed.

Barrel Description
3. The external shape of the barrel for the 9mm blank ammo was altered from the regular barrel of the UZI SMG; and here are the changes:

a)   In the external part of the barrel, which stands out from the SMG’s body, 6 grooves.
b)   There is an area on the external side of the barrel, which reads: “Blank firing ammo only.”
c)   In the barrel’s muzzle has a thread; for screwing the muzzle-strait.
d)   The muzzle-strait has a rectangular shape, and the bottom part has a thread. Inside there is an area that has 4 holes/punctures so the gas will come out of them.
e)   In order to shoot the 9mm blank firing ammunition in the UZI SMG, it is inevitable to use a special barrel (as described above); you can shoot semi and burst.

Bullet Description
4. The 9mm Blank firing bullet has a lengthened cartridge; its head is pressed in 3 spots in the shape of a slug/bullet. It’s colored blue or purple on its upper edge.
5. In order to shoot the 9mm blank firing ammunition in the UZI SMG, it is inevitable to use a special barrel (as described above); you can shoot semi and burst.


6. To change the regular barrel with the special barrel,  press on the pin-screw-nut-barrel clutch, remove the screw-nut and pull out the barrel; afterwards insert the special barrel and tighten it using the screw nut-barrel clutch. To disassemble do the steps backwards.
7. Make sure that the
muzzle-strait will be screwed on the barrel all the way.
8. The special barrel operates
with the same principle as the muzzle-strait. In the strait there are 4 small holes, to let some of the gas out, and at the same time there is enough gas pressure created to cock the SMG again.
9. Do not shoot blank-firing ammo in regular barrels – because it could cause damage to the barrel.

Care & Cleaning
10. Care and clean the special barrel the same way you would clean the regular barrel. Furthermore, after shooting clean the soot from the muzzle-strait, and make sure that the 4 holes will be clean and not sealed.

Safety Instructions
11. Do not shoot blank ammunition towards soldiers in a range shorter than 10 meters.
12.Under no circumstances, do not shoot live ammo in an SMG which has the special barrel for the blank-firing ammo.
13. When loading or unloading, make sure the barrel is pointed up at an angle of 60 degrees, like described in lesson 4.
14. Before firing blank ammunition, the commander who is responsible for the exercise, will make sure that the soldiers have no other bullets.
15. Commanders or soldiers that have live ammunition (for security purposes) will not receive blank-firing ammunition and they will not participate in the shooting drill/exercise. 


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