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As prolific as the classic 9mm UZI submachinegun has been over the past few decades, it has a few shortcomings in certain applications, namely its size (18.4 inches) and weight (7.70 lbs.). Quite likely, therefore, with markets such as executive protection where maximum concealment is a factor, the UZI has suffered. Enter the Mini UZI.

After much thought and redesign, Israel Military Industries (IMI) has pro­duced a new UZI which looks as if it has not grown up yet. But it has. Dubbed the "Mini UZI,” the new 9mm SMG has all the features of the regular UZI plus a few of its own. It shares some parts in common with the big gun, including the magazine, and it disassembles in the same way. The Mini UZI also does pretty much what the regular UZI does, but it does it twice as fast with a cyclic rate of 1,200 rounds per minute as compared with 600 rpm for the standard gun.




Firing Characteristics

Class III dealer, Neal Smith, of Men­tor, Ohio, 216-257-4872, was very gracious in inviting Sgt. Gene Pretzeus and I to test his sample Mini UZI for Combat Handguns, and even allowed us to shoot the new SMG before he did. We found the Mini UZI sufficiently comfortable to use, and to have pointing characteristics comparable to an Ingram M10. The sliding selector is exactly the same as on the standard UZI and this arrangement has never been much to my liking, as compared to a more conventional rotating selector. The magazine release, as with the standard gun, is excellent for a right handed shooter, but slower for left handers.

The folding stock of the Mini UZI is more to my liking than that of its big brother. There are no detents to unlock or steps to follow in folding. It simply swings open and closed similar to that of the U.S. M1A1 Carbine, and locks sufficiently in either position.



Controllable Rapid Fire

With a cyclic rate of 1,200 rpm the Mini UZI is fierce to fire, but we found it much more controllable than we had anticipated, even with the stock folded. This is due to the gun's compensator which is integral with the counterbored barrel. Spe­cial curved slots direct some of the gasses up and to the right, very effectively coun­teracting the little gun's tendency to move in that direction. These slots are also directed forward slightly so that noise is not intensified. The compensator is designed for a right handed shooter, however, and with one who is left handed the Mini UZ1 would lend very strongly to walk to the left.




3-4 Round Bursts

Four round bursts were the norm with the Mini UZI, but, with concentration, as few as three rounds can be let off on full auto. With such a rate of fire, any less requires using semi-auto. The little gun digests NATO spec. 9mm ball best, and we had no malfunctions  using CCl's new Blazer 9mm ball ammo.

The quality of the Mini UZI is first rate, and police and governmental agencies who require an effective weapon which is easily concealable might want to examine this gun, and may acquire it from authorized dealers on a weapons trade basis, or may purchase it directly from the importer, Action Arms, P.O. Box 9573. Dept CH, Philadelphia, PA, 19124, but being re­stricted, the Mini UZI is unfortunately a “police only” weapon.






The UZI Pistol is the newest addi­tion to the highly respected UZI family of firearms. This 9mm Semi-automatic pistol is lightweight and easy to handle. It weighs about three and one-half pounds and has an overall length of nine and one-half inches. The Pistol is blow-back operated with a closed bolt and a floating firing pi, and comes standard with a 20 round magazine. You will also be able to use both the 25 and 30 round UZI magazines, as well as most of the UZI accessories with your UZI Pistol. The Pistol will also have the same safety features that are presently found in the UZI Carbine (the fire selector and the grip safety).

The UZI Pistol will be manufactured by Israel Military Industries to the same high quality standards as our Mini UZI, UZI Submachinegun and Carbine.

We look forward to receiving ini­tial production units of the UZl Pistol in early winter of 1984. Look for a first test of this exciting new handgun in a future issue of Combat Handguns. For more information on the complete UZI line and the address of your nearest dealer contact: ACTION ARMS LTD.. P.O. BOX 9573. Philadelphia. PA 19124; or telephone (215) 744-0100.


Originally published in the April, 1984 issue of Combat Handguns Magazine.

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