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The UZI was manufactured in standard calibers and as such, there is a wide variety of sources for ammunition. Off the shelf commercial ammo, military surplus and home reloads can all be used successfully. One rule of thumb to remember is that UZI's like hot ammo. Most commercial 9mm and .45 ACP ammo is loaded for use in pistols. The heaver bolt and recoil springs of an UZI function more reliably with ammo that is hotter than you'd normally run in a pistol, and the robust design of the UZI can easily stand the added pressure of these rounds.

One warning to keep in mind: you should not use aluminum cased ammo in an open bolt submachine gun. An open bolt gun like the UZI uses the principle of advanced primer ignition, and sometimes a round may be discharged without being fully chambered. If not fully supported by the chamber, the aluminum case many not be strong enough and case ruptures can occur. A case rupture allows hot gas and pressure to escape into the receiver, potentially harming the gun and/or shooter. CCI/SPEER specifically does not recommend using Blazer ammo in open bolt submachine guns.

IMI manufactures ammo that is of interest to both shooters and collectors of the UZI. IMI ammo is usually sold under the "Samson" name, although Action Arms also distributed this ammo with unique UZI packaging. The special purpose 9mm IMI ammo is color coded to help identify it. Black tip ammo is high velocity and should be used only in UZI's or other heavy duty submachine guns. Blue tip ammo is subsonic and is idea for use with suppressors.

Here's some data showing average velocities of many types of commonly available 9mm ammo fired from an UZI. These statistics are an average of 10 rounds fired from a 10.2" barrel at 70 degrees and 1400 ft. above sea level:

IMI 158 gr. blue tip - 1027 fps
Olympic Greek 124 fmj - 1140 fps
Rem UMC 115 fmj - 1183 fps
Denel 115 fmj - 1234 fps
S & B 115 fmj - 1258 fps
LVE Russion 115 fmj - 1273 fps
Win USA 115 fmj - 1273 fps
IMI black tip 115 fmj - 1312 fps
Wolf 115 fmj - 1315 fps
Win Nato 124 fmj - 1332 fps
TCW Russian 115 fmj - 1363 fps
Hirt. L7A1 124 fmj - 1502 fps


Here's a look at some of the IMI ammo:




This IMI 9mm ammo was distributed by Action Arms in their distinctive "UZI crate" packaging. It's 115 grain FMJ and marked with a black tip, identifying it as high velocity. The box is marked "For use in carbines and submachine guns only. Not for use in pistols."



Action Arms also packaged standard velocity 9mm ammo. The tips were not color coded and there are no special warnings on the box.






The UZI collector may want look for ammo still sealed in the original five box groups.






Action Arms also sold IMI .41 AE ammo in the same distinctive packaging.






Action Arms also sold .41 AE dummy rounds, which had no powder or primers.




Samson "blue tip" 158 grain subsonic ammo is excellent ammo for suppressors.





158 grain subsonic ammo was also packaged in the UZI boxes, and .41AE ammo was also packaged in the Samson boxes.


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