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What did you miss at the third annual UZI Talk Shoot?


UZIs, lots of UZIs,
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May 19-21, 2006
Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City, Utah was the destination for the 3rd annual UZI Talk shoot and it turned out to be a spectacular location. The physical beauty of the area alone makes the trip worthwhile but if you throw in a top notch shooting event on top of it,  you can't ask for more. The event was hosted by the Wahsatch Shooters Association at the Davis County range. This well organized club maintains an excellent facility and hosts numerous shooting events each year. They provided range officers for the entire three day event and a nice selection of steel targets and target stands for the subgun match. The Davis Country Range is an excellent facility for any shooters visiting the area.

This year's event was a great mixture of new faces and old. Almost all of the UZI Talk staff was on hand to greet members and partake in the action. drw regained his title for longest distance traveled, coming all the way from Maine. Sturmgeschutz was able to break away from school for the event and did his part to help keep cookie in line. We had a strong contingency from Colorado attend this year and a few old friends from California joined us to prove that their state isn't a total wasteland for shooters. In addition to travelers from various parts of the country, local shooters turned out in good numbers. For the third year in a row, the UZI Talk shoot demonstrated how much fun it is to get a bunch of friendly, knowledgeable and safe shooters together. Guns, ammo and advice flowed freely and everyone seemed to have a great time.

One of the great parts of having the UZI Talk shoot in the Salt Lake City area is that we were able to schedule a tour of Vector Arms. Rex was scheduled to give the tour but was called away on family business at the last minute so Ralph stepped in for him and conducted an absolutely first class tour. Ralph started with a bit of a history on the building of the registered full auto UZI receivers they obtained from group Industries, then he took the group on a tour of their production facilities. Ralph was a wealth of information as he showed off each of the assembly and testing stations throughout the shop. After the tour of the manufacturing side of things, Michelle opened up the sales side of the business for anyone inclined to spent some money. Guns, parts and accessories were sold to eager customers.

HK Shooter organized a great subgun match on Saturday afternoon. As in the past two years, the UZI Talk subgun match welcome both new and experienced shooters. Several subguinners have had their first taste of competition at the UZI Talk matches and all have left wanting more. The course consisted of a variety of falling or swinging targets, accuracy targets, barrels and bowling pins. In an effort to keep the "subgun" in "subgun match", the final set of targets were ten bowling pins that had to be knocked down with a single burst. Even from close range the pins proved to be difficult and many penalty points were lost on that stage. Penalty points were also assessed on no-shoot targets, which weren't watched too closely and had to be hit blatantly to count. Sturmgeschutz was on the only competitor to blatantly kill a hostage and he seemed somewhat pleased over it. Destiny experience a runaway during the match when a lose primer jammed her UZI sear in the down position but she handled it like a pro and kept the range safe. Unfortunately it didn't do her match score any favors.

Saturday evening all interested members made the 20 minute drive to Ogden and had a great dinner at the Prairie Schooner Restaurant. Awards for the subgun match were handed out and a lot of red meat was consumed. The Prairie Schooner is a unique western restaurant that is definitely work checking out if you're ever in the area.

The UZI Talk staff would like to thank Kim, Ed, Larry, Jon, John and all the other members of the Wahsatch Shooters Association that helped host this year's event. We'd also like to thank all of the UZI Talk members that attended the event. You're a great bunch of guys to hang out with.


*** Click on photos to enlarge ***

Must attended the event in WWII attire. There's never a bad time to haul out the 1911 and the M1 Garand. MuzzleFlash hard at work with his 1919A4. It's a tough job, but someone has to unload those belts.
Brickyard, PK and tactadv compare notes. Jacob, RoverDave and HK Shooter  receive awards.
PK, Brickyard and Garrett receive awards. Garrett and PK collect more awards.
Stock piles of South African 7.62 x 39mm ammo at Vector. Travis lets loose with the AM180.
Destiny helping the next generation get started with his new Vector AK-47. Cookie tells tall tales to all who will listen.
PK and Must - two Thompson fans. The five swinging targets were doing fine all day until Must opened up on them with the .45 Thompson.
Prowler's full auto FAL was a pleasure to shoot. MuzzleFlash eagerly awaits his chance to run a mag through Prowler's FAL.
Trevor with the UZI. Gemtech products on display.
Phil tries out cookie's big boom stick. After a long journey, drw arrives at the range and is ready to have some fun.
Cookie demonstrates the proper mag change technique. Kel gets the Gemtech display ready. We were very happy that representatives from Gemtech were able to attend the event and demonstrate their products.
Jacob runs through the subgun course with an UZI. Vector is not only in the gun business. They also make custom rock crawlers, like this heavily modified Jeep.
IMINI hammers away with a Mini UZI - the perfect way to celebrate being in Utah. Cookie gets in touch with his feminine side with the pink and green Glock.
tactadv shows off a shoulder stocked, full auto Glock. drw looks longingly at a rack of HK receivers at Vector Arms' production facilities.
Must and his M2 Carbine. Range Officer Jon gets a taste of the little .500S&W.
Cookie takes out the bowling pins. Kel discusses the Gemtech line of suppressors and HK Shooter volunteers his Mk9K to be part of the demonstration.
IMINI tries out the shorty 9mm M16. Vector Arms has an amply supply of magazines.
RoverDave  tries out the M240 while MuzzleFlash prepares the 1919A4. RoverDave running the subgun course.
Frankenquad runs the course with his suppressed UZI. IMINI and Prowler offer a message to the world.
Prowler and PK watch the action. Another perfect day at the Davis County Range.
A 700 grain .500S&W round compared to a 9mm. Dr. Phil Dater of Gemtech demonstrates the latest Mossad suppressor, built specifically for the UZI.
Must uses his Thompson to run the subgun course. UZI and AK parts fresh from the parkerizing tank at Vector Arms.
Travis uses a Sterling to fun the subgun course. A view from the Davis County range, overlooking the town of Layton and the Great Salt Lake.
IMINI repaints the swinging targets for the next round at the subgun match. John and Larry keep an eye on the activities. Wahsatch Shooters Association supplied volunteer range officers for the entire UZI Talk event. Our thanks goes to this professional and helpful group of guys.
HK Shooter with his Vector UZI and Gemtech Mk9K. Cuan runs the course with his MK760.
IMINI eagerly awaits his chance. Michelle and Ralph graciously open the sales department at Vector for UZI Talk members that brought a little extra spending cash with them.
On behalf of Vector Arms, Ralph accepts the award for the UZI Talk 2006 Vendor of the Year. HK Shooter breaths a little fire from his Vector V51.
A small, non-descript sign identifies the Vector Arms building. The subgun range is ready for action.
A few of the guns waiting their chance to shine. Who has the biggest dick? A Gemtech Mk9K vs. a custom SRT can. Those who listened to the shoot off were split 50/50 on which was quieter.
AirSmithy runs the subgun course with his Vector UZI. Sturmgeschutz tries out an integrally suppressed Ruger .44 mag.
Range Officer Larry calls 911 after he spots Cookie impersonating a man. AK-47's on the Vector Arms assembly line.
PK and Brickyard enjoy the great weather and friendly members at the UZI Talk shoot. Dr. Phil Dater shows off the Gemtech suppressor for the HK UMP.
PK runs the subgun course with an UZI. Ralph discusses the process of how Vector turns the Group Industries UZI receivers into the finished product.
Prowler proudly displays a couple of his UZIs along with his namesake auto. Dr. Phil Dater and HK Shooter compare the sound of the Gemtech Mossad and Mk9K suppressors.
Manny runs the subgun match with a full size UZI. No problem for the lefty. Ed gets in some full auto fun with a Vector V51.
Handsome_valentine runs the subgun course with a Sterling. Frankenquad is ready to run the subgun course and Garrett is ready to time him.
Members unpack their toys as they arrive at the 3rd annual UZI Talk Shoot. MuzzleFlash sets off some tannetite.
The UZI assembly station at Vector Arms. HK Shooter, Sturmgeschutz and Cookie organize the subgun match at the scoring table.
The name says it all - "Nice Rack" tactadv and PK discuss the suppressed Sterling.
Sturmgeschutz runs the subgun course with HK Shooter on the timer. The pink and green Glock. Never has something so ugly looked so ugly.
UZI Barrels at Vector Arms. Ariel view of the Davis County Range.
Sturmgeschutz gets a chance behind the wheel of the Prowler. RoverDave gets a chance to try out a Vector V51.
IMINI shooting through the barrel. Dr. Phil Dater demonstrates a suppressed M16.
The Prowler with matching trailer. Have machine guns, will travel.    


The Match Results:

The match was divided into three divisions. Open division is for the UZIs with optics, stock division is for UZIs with no optics and ""other gun" is for non-UZIs.

Open Division

Shooter Time
RoverDave 119.50
HK Shooter 138.86
Handsome Valentine 158.71
Sturmgeschutz 170.80
Manny 171.17
cookie 239.51
Air Smithy 247.79
IMINI 281.80


Stock Division

Shooter Time
Jacob 120.68
PK 141.57
Brickyard 153.42
Garrett 162.28
HK Shooter 187.81
Frankenquad 239.54
Trevor 319.10
drw 433.72
Prowler 554.56
Destiny DNF


"Other Gun" Division

Shooter Gun Time
Brickyard Sterling 102.03
PK Sterling 132.18
Garrett M11 Slow Fire 141.15
Trevor Sterling 194.93
Cuan MK760 202.73
Jacob Sterling 230.21
Must Thompson 258.24
Travis Sterling 283.47


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