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Second Annual UZI Talk Shoot
March 11-13, 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada


The second annual UZI Talk shoot was held March 11-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were a lot of expectations to live up to after a very successful gathering last year, but it exceeded them all. More members, more guns, more ammo, more shooting, more food and more photos. All of the UZI Talk staffers were on hand to greet participants coming from across the US. Joining in the fun was our first guest from Europe, UZI Talk member Diamondback. One of the reasons for selecting Las Vegas is the predictable weather and we got just what we were looking for with sunshine and temps in the 80's. Members coming from colder climates really appreciated it.


The Agenda:

Friday: Any of the participants arriving early enough gathered at a shooting location south of Las Vegas for a warm up fun shoot. It was a great chance for some last minute tune ups before the subgun match, or just to release some frustration after dealing with the travel industry. After the sun went done, most of the out of town guests headed for one of the famous Las Vegas buffets to fill our bellies and tell some stories.

Saturday: The subgun match was held first thing Saturday morning at the Desert Sportsman's Rifle and Pistol club. New and experienced competitors vied for top honors in three different classes across three different divisions. The grill was going and the ammo was flowing, keeping everyone satisfied the whole day. After the competition, Rex Merrill from Vector Arms conducted a workshop on the basics of UZI maintenance.

Saturday evening the group assembled for an UZI Talk banquet. After a great meal, awards were handed out to the winners of the subgun match, names were drawn for prizes (enough to go around for everyone), and free t-shirts were given out to anyone that wanted them. Special thanks to all the vendors that donated prizes to be given out.

Sunday: The last day of the event was a fun shoot out in the desert. Participants showed up with all manner of pistols, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and shotguns. Everything from suppressed .22 pistols to the Barrett .50 BMG barked away all day long. Rex Merrill from Vector Arms and Tom Hoel from Gemtech were on hand to demonstrate some of their products to our members. Anyone wanting first hand experience was able to try the products out for themselves. Several of the members headed for home Sunday afternoon but those that were left headed for one last Las Vegas buffet Sunday evening. With that, the second annual UZI Talk Shoot officially came to a close. Thanks to all that participated. You all made it a great event.


The Participants:

The second annual UZI Talk shoot was attended by over 40 participants from near and far. Some drove across town, some drove from neighboring states, and some flew in from places as far away as Maine, Florida and London. Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the event was just visiting with the other members. Everyone had a story to tell and a helping hand when needed. People had a chance to see new accessories first hand and try out some guns that they had never tried before. All of the members were more than generous with their weapons and ammo. Here are the members in action:


AZ Paul

  Staying low and on target during the subgun match.  

Staying cool in the desert heat with his UZI.

  Micro UZI with .22 conversion.   Trying out the Tokarev.
  Sign me up so I can kick some ass!    
Cookie Dan
  Sizing up the course and knocking them down   Trading in the grill tools for a Thompson.
  Must beat Sturm, must beat Sturm,...   Checking out the Mini UZI.
  Is that a mag in your ZB26 or are you just happy to see me?   Shooting the course.
drw Diamondback
  Ripping up the course with his closed bolt buzz saw   Blimey! This looks like fun.
  The never ending chore - loading mags   I think I'm starting to like this.
  Come home with me and we'll make beautiful music together    
dryvalleyboy Godfather

Running the UZI left handed

  Frenken-sten never skips a beat
  dryvalleyboy and son Will checking out the competition at the match.   Peabody and Godfather exchanging some ideas

Don't let that grey hair fool you - he's quick as lightening on the course

Gunbert Gutpile
  Shooter ready?    
  The M16 guy gives the UZI a try.    
Herr Pear HK Shooter
  Showing off his famous brass catcher while waiting for his turn   Dispensing with the clay pigeons
  Start the timer. Hey, where's the brass catcher?   Taking on the Texas Star. Hey - black target first!
  Running the course with his entourage    
  IMINI talks over his HK passion with HK Shooter   Shooting the SKS.
  I got you covered.   Loading up to try out the UZI.
kyle Manny
  M16 with an Aimpoint sight   Manny and IMINI are ready for some fun.
  Working the UZI with a vertical grip   Shooting the match with drw's close bolt UZI.
  kyle's Thompson was popular on the firing line.   On Target.
Mario_FAMO, Inc. Mike Duke
  Giving the Micro UZI a try   You got a problem with this hat?
  Speeding along with the closed bolt Mini UZI    
  Some day all this will be mine.    
mlee36 MuzzleFlash
  Full size UZI with ATN Ultra Sight   Sterling with a Dr. Optic
  mlee36 compares UZI accessories with AZ Paul  

The Vector V53 is loud!

      You see that rock a mile away?
old man Peabody
  Showing the kid how it's done   One clay pigeon down, one to go
  Keeping the timer on drw   The UZI sling is not left hand friendly
  Mag change.    
Phil Ranch Hand
  Mini UZI with a Gemtech MK9K.   Ranch Hand and AZ Paul mixing up some fun.
  Dives into the tube.   Shooting the Amalgemec.
RoverDave Salvo
  This Sig 551 would go great with my Sig 220  

This guy knows how to handle an UZI

  Full size UZI with a Gemtech Raptor   Wringing out the M16.
  Fun with the M10/45.    
sofltodd Sonia
  Shooting up the course with the Mini UZI   She knows how to use the Mini UZI
  The cameraman finally gets his chance to shoot   Those guys don't have a chance against me.
  You should see this guy with the hat off!   Who keeps emptying these mags?
Sturmgeschutz Subdude
  First run through the course with the UZI  

Subdude looking serious about the competition.


Second run through the course with the Sterling

  Tricked out MAC with EOTech
Subgunfan Subgunner
  In the tube with his SW76    
  Shooting video all weekend long    
  Trying out the M16 shorty    
tactadv Valkman
  The only M16/9mm running the subgun course   Don't hit those clay pigeons
  Get that timer out of here!  

Trying out the Vector drum in his UZI

  Chugging along with the M3A1 Grease Gun.    
Vegas Henchman Vegas SMG
  Finally someone else gets to hold the timer   Die you orange critter
  Always smooth on the course   Lighting up the desert with the M16 shorty
      Spray and Pray.
  An old pro at this game    
  Dad, this one is older than YOU!    
  Lettin' it fly with the MAC    


The Match:

The match was held at the Desert Sportsman's Rifle and Pistol Club, just west of Las Vegas. This spacious and well managed facility is home to many shoots and competitions, several of which were going on the same day as the UZI Talk match. Tony Dee arranged our match with the board members of the club and served as range master. Whether you were new to subgun competitions or one of the monthly regulars, everyone had fun and had a chance to take home an award. UZI Talk would like to thank Tony Dee and the Desert Sportsman's Rifle and Pistol Club for hosting our match.

Setup Stages
  The crowd arrives early to help with setup.   Kill the bad guys without hitting the clay pigeons.
  Vegas Henchman, Godfather and old man arrange the course.   Break the clay pigeons then tangle with the Texas star - black target first.
  The course takes shape.   Have to break the target. Holes don't count!
  Everyone registers and prepares for the match.   Back of the Texas Star. As soon as you knock off a plate, the star starts swinging.
    Kill the bad guys, but don't break the clay pigeons.
Instructions   The popper starts the bad guys swinging. Get them when they move between the good guys.
  Godfather gives the safety instructions.   Once tripped, this turn target faces the shooter for only a second and then it's gone.
  Two shots in the "A" or four in the "C" for a kill.   Shoot the popper down low and get ready for the turn target to turn.
  Godfather explains the course of fire.   Get it quick!
      Mow down the poppers as fast as you can. Don't forget the small one in back!
Food     Shoot through the barrel and knock down all the targets.
  Dan the man cooks up a feast for the shooters.   Work the barrel to get your angle.
  If you cook it, they will come.   When the match is over, everyone helps pick up the brass.


The Vendors:



Rex Merrill from Vector Arms conducted an UZI maintenance and troubleshooting workshop on Saturday after the subgun match. Handouts were provided discussing how to change a sear, how to install a top cover ratchet and how to properly adjust spacing on a top cover. A variety of topics were discussed including welding issues and barrel alignment.

On Sunday, Rex had a selection of Vector guns at the range for people to try out, including the semi-automatic RPD, the V53 and their semi-auto AK47.



Tom Hoel from Gemtech brought a large selection of rifle, pistol and machine gun suppressors to the event, plus plenty of guns to try them out on. He was available all weekend to answer any and all suppressor questions and he had his equipment on the shooting line all day Sunday for people to try out. In addition to the suppressors, Tom brought an array of dealer sample guns to try out.



The Humor:

Every event has it's clowns and mishaps. This event was no different.

AZ Paul tries out the big S&W .500
Hair Club for Men recruiting their next member.
Old Man finds a safe place to hide.
Sturmgeschutz never listens. Now we know why.
Vegas SMG wishing he had a magazine that size for his UZI.
ATF wanna-be's
Peabody being held hostage by mobs of people with questions.
Thunder from Down Under all Male review.
Faulty top cover catch sends RoverDave's top cover for a ride.


The Guns:

If you think that only UZIs can be found at an UZI Talk gathering, your dead wrong. There was a wide selection of weapons to be seen and heard. Owners were very happy to let other members try out their guns and it was a fun and educational experience for everyone involved.

AK47 with drum mag
AK47 semi-auto with 16" barrel and fake suppressor
American 180
AR15 with JP Enterprises muzzle break
Barrett M82A1
Grease Gun M3A1
Group Industries UZI SMG
HK 91
HK Operational briefcase, open and firing.
IMI Micro UZI with .22 conversion
IMI Model A conversion with closed bolt
IMI Model A semi-auto
M16 with Aimpoint
M16 9mm with three lug barrel
M16 shorty
Reising Model 50
Vector RPD semi-auto
Sig 551
Sten MkII
Sterling with Dr. Optic sight
Street Sweeper
S&W 76
S&W .357 lightweight
Thompson M1A1
Vector V53 with Beta C-Mag
Vector Mini UZI
Vector UZI with EOTech and flash hider
Vector UZI with Beta C-Mag
Vector UZI with wood stock
Chech ZB26


Other Pictures:

Will helps cookie with the prize drawings.
Godfather receives a watch in recognition for his hard work at the match.
Banquet attendees received complimentary copies for Small Arms Review.
Shooting benches at the Desert Sportsman's Rifle and Pistol club.
The desert shooting area.
The shooting line.
Godfather keeps this one going - 3,000,000 rounds and still ticking.
Targets ready - open fire!


The Match Results:

The match was divided into three divisions. Open division is for the UZIs with optics, stock division is for UZIs with no optics and ""other gun" is for non-UZIs.

Open Division

Shooter Gun Time
Subgunner UZI 117.47 1st A Class
Vegas Henchman UZI 123.09
sofltodd Mini UZI 141.29
Amphibian Mini UZI 144.25
Old Man UZI 150.88
Phil Mini UZI 158.58 1st B Class
Vegas SMG UZI 187.96
Sonia Mini UZI 193.73
RoverDave UZI 200.72
Gunbert UZI 221.20
Peabody UZI 223.35 1st C Class
Dryvalleyboy UZI 245.41
Valkman UZI 277.58
Will UZI 279.26
mlee36 UZI 1118.49


Stock Division

Shooter Gun Time
Salvo UZI 159.07 1st A Class
Sturmgeschutz UZI 177.64
Marc R UZI 180.50
HK Shooter UZI 206.02 1st B Class
Cookie UZI 219.44
Kyle UZI 244.96
IMINI UZI closed bolt 273.40 1st C Class
drw UZI closed bolt 281.65
Manny UZI closed bolt 287.30
Herr Pear UZI 302.50

"Other Gun" Division

Shooter Gun Time
subgunfan S&W 76 130.40 1st A Class
Dave W. MP40 136.31
Subdude MAC M11/9 165.62
MuzzleFlash Sterling 208.58 1st B class
Tactadv M-16 9mm 211.1
drw Sterling 211.65
Sturmgeschutz Sterling 226.90 1st C Class

 Additionally, cookie received a belated award for his last place finish at last year's UZI Talk shoot.

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