UZI Talk Shoot - 2004




First Annual UZI Talk Shoot
March 12-14, 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada

The first annual UZI Talk shoot was held March 12-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Members from the east coast to the west coast arrived with a lot of gear and high hopes for a great event. Joining the traveling members were several locals who knew all about having fun with their UZI's in the desert southwest. The weather was perfect - sunny and 80 degrees.



Friday: Friday was primarily a travel day for most of the group but some people arrived early enough to get in some pre-event shooting. A patch of BLM land south of Las Vegas offered an ideal spot for some informal machine gun shooting. The local shooters meet there monthly for their "Desert Blast Shoot". By Friday evening everyone had arrived in Las Vegas and we went out for a group dinner at Billie Bob's steak place. It was great fun putting faces with the names we've come to know on the UZI Talk discussion forums. Cookie handed out the brand new UZI Talk shirts to everyone so we could show them off at the gun show the next day.


Saturday: Saturday morning most of the group went to a gun show that was being held that weekend at the Cashman Center. I don't think any of the UZI Talk members made any big purchases but it was the perfect stop for some weekend supplies - especially ammo. Lots of ammo. At 1:00 we assembled at our meeting area and proceeded to the range. Many of the local shooters that didn't go to the gun show were already at the range blasting away. Vegas SMG had arrived early and got his grill set up so the hot dogs and hamburgers were ready to go when the crowd showed up. Many thanks to him for providing the afternoon BBQ. For the next five hours, everyone shot, ate, laughed, lied, loaded mags and generally had more fun than a person should be allowed to. Midway though the afternoon we took a break to have a prize drawing. The big drawing of the day was for the suppressor that Stover Arms donated to UZI Talk. The lucky winner was Chili17! Additionally, drawings were held for door prizes that Vegas SMG had obtained. Our HQ hotel had donated shirts, hats and dinners for two. Vegas SMG also donated three bottles of Jack Daniels. As the sun went down behind the hills, the day's shooting was capped off by one of the local shooters using his Barrett M82 to put a .50 BMG explosive round though a half full propane tank. The explosion was a huge crowd pleaser.

Saturday evening the group went out for dinner at the Hofbrauhaus, a German restaurant across the street from the Hard Rock. The food was very good and entertainment was - unique. We'll all have lasting memories of the well endowed waitress who sold pretzels table to table all evening.




Sunday: Sunday morning came way too early - especially for cookie and Sturmgeschutz who had to be dragged out of bed. We drove to the Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club west of Las Vegas for a subgun match. Local shooters hold a monthly match there and the UZI Talk members were invited to join the competition. Tony Dee, the match director put on a great event for all of us. UZI Talk member Vegas Henchman was the range officer with the timer who was running back and forth all day long. Many thanks to him. Regardless of whether you were watching or participating, regardless of whether you were new to competition or a seasoned veteran, the day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that was there.


Here are some photos from the weekend. Thanks to everyone for submitting their photos and thanks to everyone for making this event a huge success!

Saturday Fun Shoot:

General Activities: Shooting The Barrett M82:
  The shooting line.   Local shooter Richard brought along his Barrett.
  Cookie and AZ Paul chatting.   RoverDave tries out the Barrett. Thanks for the hat Funker!
  Drawing the for suppressor - Chili17 wins!   Berthoud gives the Barrett a try.
  Herr-Pear advertising for a woman.   Even the young ladies try out the Barrett...
  Kyle loads an MP5 drum.   And she likes it!
  More shooting line.   Another local shooter gives the big gun a try.
  Cookie grabs some food and checks out the women.    
  Sturmgeschutz loading mags. Barrett vs. the propane tank:
  A Las Vegas buffet table - UZI Talk style.   The tank looses.
  The UZI Girls showing off the new t-shirts.   And heads for the hills.
  And the back side (of the shirts).   Close-up of the blast.
  AZ Paul lets his wife have some fun.    
  Kyle and SMG Vegas watching the action. M16:  
  Herr-Pear loading mags.   IMINI has fun with the M16.
  Everyone having fun.   Pete lets it fly.
  AZ Paul and Pete enjoying the day.   Sturmgeschutz on the M16 and Raven with the suppressor.
  The UZI Girls ready on the line.   A local shooter blasting away.
Mini Uzi: 60mm Mortar:
  RoverDave with the Vector Mini and a Raptor.   Now this looks like fun!
  Cookie tries out the Mini.   One of the locals gets it set up.
  Kyle tries the Mini left handed.   Salvo puts one in the tube.
  Sturmgeschutz let's it rip...   Dummy rounds powered by a shotgun shell.
  And it sets him back on his heels.    
HK MP5K: Various Rifles:
  MuzzleFlash throwing brass.   MuzzleFlash and Craig chatting.
  Cookie rips with the MP5K.   Craig with his Valmet M62.
  Hate2loose tries it with the Raptor.   Kyle tries out the Valmet.
  MuzzleFlash takes out the targets.    
  Kyle empties out the drum.  
  Pete gives it a try...  
  And he likes it!    
  Sturmgeschutz let's it rip.    
  IMINI takes a turn.    
UZI: Various Pistols:
  drw ripping it with his closed bolt UZI.   AZ Paul having some fun.
  Cookie tries out Herr-Pear's brass catcher.   Sturmgeschutz with the Beretta.
  Craig tries out the brass catcher.   Gail gets rocked!
  Herr-Pear himself shows how it's done.   Hate2loose with the suppressed Beretta.
  Berthoud lays down some lead.    
  Kyle thinking about the one he has in transfer.  
  Salvo making some fine adjustments. Street Sweeper:
  drw goes with the poly stock and Vector foregrip.   Berthoud gives it a try.
  IMINI tries out drw's UZI.   MuzzleFlash looks determined.
      Salvo wants a piece of the action.


Sunday Match:

General Photos: Stage1:
  UZI Talk staff - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.   Larry, don't shoot the sheep.
  Beautiful view from the range.   Cookie - get ready...
  Shooters gather in the morning.   Cookie - get set...
  Shooter's meeting.   Cookie - GO!
  And Plan the course of fire.   One of the locals showing off his UZI.
  The UZI workhorse - 3,000,000 rounds and still going.   Mike Duke taking out first stage.
  Guns waiting their turn for action.   Salvo showing us how it's done.
  The crowd takes notes as people run the course.   RoverDave ready on the line.
  Onlookers gripped by the action.   RoverDave trying to keep the Mini on target.
  Armchair quarterbacking under the shade...   MuzzleFlash knocking them down.
  While others reset targets.   Sturmgeschutz ready.
  UZI Talk division: Salvo is 3rd, subgunner is 2nd.   Sturmgeschutz breezes through stage 1.
      Walk in the park for Subgunner.
Stage 2: Stage3:
  Through the window, around the trees, miss the good guys.   Through the tube, all targets taken right to left.
  Vegas Henchman gets his turns - and wins!   drw in the tube.
  Vegas SMG knocking them down.   Cookie in the tube.
  Cookie is cruising.   Mike Duke in the tube.
  drw shooting through the window.   MuzzleFlash in the tube.
  Local shooter with optics.   Hate2loose in the tube.
  RoverDave is ready.   RoverDave in the tube.
  Salvo ...    
  Knocks down some targets. Team Shoot:
  Vegas SMG finishes off stage 2.   Knock them all down.
  MuzzleFlash with ammo burning a hole in his pocket.   As fast as you can.
  Cookie using the Herr-Pear machine.   Before you hit the exploding target.
  Sturmgeschutz takes aim.    
  Vegas Henchman on the timer.    
  RoverDave burning up way too much ammo in the Mini.    


Match Results:

UZI Talk Division

Shooter Gun Time
Vegas Henchman UZI 78.40 - 1st
Subgunner UZI 97.40 - 2nd
Salvo UZI 100.25 - 3rd
Vegas SMG UZI 101.74
Sturmgeschutz UZI 121.81
Mike K. UZI 123.09
HKjay223 UZI 137.24
Mike Duke UZI 159.45
MuzzleFlash UZI 171.01
drw UZI (closed bolt) 179.89
RoverDave Mini UZI 207.60
Hate2loose UZI 209.44
cookie UZI 241.06


Open Class

Shooter Gun Time
Vegas Henchman UZI 78.40 - 1st in "A"
Jack W. Sr. UZI 89.78
Subgunner UZI 97.40
Mike L. Sten 101.40 - 1st in "B"
Spencer S. MP-5 113.19
Jason P. MP-5 113.36
Mike K. UZI 123.09 - 1st in "C"
Larry R. M16 - 9mm 124.39
Tony W. MP-5 156.74


Stock Class

Shooter Gun Time
Salvo UZI 100.25 - 1st in "A"
Vegas SMG UZI 101.74
Jane D. Beretta 38A 102.70
Bob S. Beretta 38A 106.79
Dave W. MP-40 106.82
Sturmgeschutz UZI 121.81
HKjay223 UZI 137.24 - 1st in "B"
Chris W. UZI 141.06
Mike Duke UZI 159.45
MuzzleFlash UZI 171.01
drw UZI 179.89
Scott R. UZI 197.24
RoverDave Mini UZI 207.60 - 1st in "C"
Hate2loose UZI 209.44
John I MP-5 211.09
cookie UZI 241.06
Bob D. MP-5 247.20
Etsuo M. UZI DNF

Team Event

Team Time
Spencer S., Bob S., HKjay223, Herr-Pear, Salvo 10.80
Hate2loose, Chris W., drw, RoverDave, Jan 17.33
Mike L., Mike K., Bob D., HKjay223, Subgunner 23.48
Tony W., Larry R., Vegas SMG, Gail, MuzzleFlash 40.18


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