Pistol project


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Mar 11, 2021
West coast
Parts for pistols and micros are few and far between so when you need a front or rear portion, you gotta build them yourself.
Slowly chewing away at a piece of A36 billet is yielding the front portion w/ front sight ears and trunnion as a one-piece, piece.
Cutting the barrel nut threads would usually be a single pointing job on the lathe, but here's what I came up with.
First determine what the threads should be: Pistols and Micros have a barrel nut smaller than full-sized and minis and that thread pitch is M24-1.0.
Turn round stock down to the barrel diameter where is fits into the trunnion. .649", then machine a hole in plate stock to take that guide pin.
Stacked together, the die will self-center on the barrel nut boss. A couple of allen head bolts act as pins to keep the die from turning as you screw the trunnion into the die.


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