9mm mag block adapter for m16


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Dec 27, 2002
Troy, Ohio
Bolt pics

This is a typical Colt pattern 9mm bolt, as offered by Colt-RRA-ASA-Garrison Mfg:

This is a pic of a "ramped" Colt pattern 9mm bolt to allow any hammer to be used in semi auto, and eliminate any chance at "trigger bite" and broken hammer/trigger pins,,, blue line shows the ramp, red circle shows the surface that is the problem for std notch face AR-15 hammer. (base photo courtesy of joeblack):

For the Olympic system, simply disregard the bolt sticking out the front of an AR15/M16 bolt carrier for a moment, and look at the carrier itself, that is what the Olyimpic looks like, but with a caliber specific head attached to the front of the carrier body, and a weght stuck inside the rear of the carrier. They use an AR carrier for semi, and M16 carrier for auto, just the carrier is lacking a few steps of machine work that the gas operated would get.

EDIT- I lack proper spelling habits a lot of times.
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