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  1. kanewtervalve

    Need help troubleshooting

    Make sure you didn't use a century firing pin instead of normal one,, don't know the difference but it could affect it. Check top cover clearence
  2. kanewtervalve

    I need a Semi Auto Complete Parts Kit! I have a Reciever, BUT THAT IS ALL THAT I HAVE

    Buy a complete Uzi and sell the receiver.
  3. kanewtervalve


    I highly suggest the scope mounts at I have a SAR Romanian and a PSL and they are extremely well made and fit very well.
  4. kanewtervalve

    I Fu%&ing hate squibs !!!

    Make it an FBI barrel
  5. kanewtervalve

    I Fu%&ing hate squibs !!!

    I had one in my 16" barrel before I sbred it, ended up getting a spare barrel off a member here, now it's a spare since I got a 3 lug for the sbr.
  6. kanewtervalve

    IMI Magal

    Tell me more of this "Forgotten Weapons". Sorry to hijack your thread OP.
  7. kanewtervalve

    Threaded UZI Barrel Question

    Maybe it was sbred at some point, is there a name and address on the barrel or the frame that's not the importer or manufacturer?
  8. kanewtervalve

    Homemade Uzi Firing Pin Not Hitting Primer

    Don't know if it matters but you didin't put a Century UC9 firing pin by chance did you?
  9. kanewtervalve

    Can anyone ID this 40rd Uzi magazine?

    I have one of those I got from a member here years ago, I believe he also said it was SA
  10. kanewtervalve

    Is it possible to make the bolt ratchet work on a semi?
  11. kanewtervalve

    Is it possible to make the bolt ratchet work on a semi?

    I did two for bolt hold open on the range. You need to solder or braze a piece of metal inside the end of the charging handle channel of the top cover. If I can find the link where I found out about it I'll repost.
  12. kanewtervalve

    Muzzle brake for Uzi first responder carbine

    Try CNC Warrior, they mention that the muzzle devices are all bored to 30 cal unless noted otherwise
  13. kanewtervalve

    Looks like USBarrelshrouds has some Sears

    ^^^^This, watched a video Richard at BWE made and figured out I was mixing old and new. The video helped me get it working correctly.
  14. kanewtervalve

    Uzi fixed stock hardware

    I got new wood from Sarco and robbed the hardware off a beater I bought at Apex
  15. kanewtervalve

    Forum gone

    I joined back when I got my MSAR, not a lot of activity, I've seen questions go unanswered for over a year.
  16. kanewtervalve

    Sterling semi auto issues

    Sent you a PM
  17. kanewtervalve

    Ratcheting Top Cover - Problem?

    To each his own. Having a weapon's chamber open is a nice safety option to have at the range.
  18. kanewtervalve

    Ratcheting Top Cover - Problem?

    I modified a top cover so I can cock the weapon open, then load the mag and pull back and chamber the round, semi auto of course.
  19. kanewtervalve

    MP5 Billistics Push Pie Lower Going To Auction Tomorrow

    I figured it out, just like busting balls on veteran members. :)
  20. kanewtervalve

    Which semi would you choose: SM11A1 or IMI Uzi pistol?

    I had a Uzi pistol a long time ago and liked the look but awkward to shoot accurately. I have a MPA mini defender I sbred and it's a hoot.

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