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  1. Basenji703

    Does the folding stock screw need to be staked?

    I like my wood stock lots more than the folding stock.
  2. Basenji703

    What optics do you run on your uzi?

    I am running a Burris Fastfire as well.
  3. Basenji703

    Stolen buttstock

    The link for @USMG 's business. Go to the UZI section.
  4. Basenji703

    Uzi 22 Prototype

    Interesting!!!! I certainly wouldn't want it.
  5. Basenji703

    IMI or Group Industries

    My GI/Vector works with the pic rail so I got lucky. :)
  6. Basenji703

    Does a wood stock fit UZI's with folding stocks?

    I put the wood stock on my Vector SMG and never regretted it.
  7. Basenji703

    What got you interested in Uzis?

    The history of the UZI and the fact that as a child there were plenty of UZi water guns :) Oh yeah, I could afford one. Actually I could have gotten an FNC for the same price at the time, but I had to have the UZI!!
  8. Basenji703

    Uzi folding motorcycle peg vertical fore grip

    Hope you can find 4, I'd be interested in one.
  9. Basenji703

    New (to me) Group Ind UZI and Ruger AC 556k

    A full auto bolt is not that much. Here is one for $59.
  10. Basenji703

    Stamp finally came

    The wood stock will change the way it feels for the better!!!
  11. Basenji703

    SBR turnaround time?

    Form 4 with a trust: April 9, 2016. Just called today, still pending and was told it will be between 6 and 8 months. Was also told they are working 7 days a week. Oh well (big sigh...).
  12. Basenji703

    Help removing SMG buffer

    Hopefully he will see this and answer, if not, I'll PM him. I tried to use a couple of flat head screwdrivers. I didn't want to mess it up too much. Perhaps I will try doing that again with a little more force.
  13. Basenji703

    Help removing SMG buffer

    It is not exposed at all. I'll post a picture later. Thanks!
  14. Basenji703

    Help removing SMG buffer

    I bought a FA Vector a number of years ago. It came with the Blackjack or other brand buffer. I'd like to get the buffer out so I can put a wooden stock on it. I've looked in the library, did a forum search and looked on line and I can't find any information on how to remove the buffer once...
  15. Basenji703

    Did Vector ever sell semi Uzis with IMI receivers?

    Thanks for all the input. I actually wasn't interested in buying it, I was interested in seeing if it was legit. Thanks again!!
  16. Basenji703

    Did Vector ever sell semi Uzis with IMI receivers?

    I found this on Virginia Gun Trader.
  17. Basenji703

    March 30, 1981

    The curly headed guy with the uzi is an old neighbor of mine. Somewhere on my computer I have that picture. Found it, in fact I had uploaded it here once before.
  18. Basenji703

    Is it risky to own SMG kit and semi-auto carbine at same time?

    And remember, every day in Federal Court is a bad day, win, lose or draw.
  19. Basenji703

    New Mini at the Phoenix SAR Show

    I had my eform come back approved in about 35 days. A short nap...
  20. Basenji703

    Form 4 Uzi question?

    You don't lose your place in line for the correction (at least when it was taking 10-11 months). I had the same problem when I did mine a few years ago. Originally the Form 4 had the folded length and now they want the length with the stock extended. This may be what is wrong...

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