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  1. Krink545

    Speed Cube thoughts?

    They are awesome. My Mac Jack is almost always in this upper.
  2. Krink545

    Front takedown pin hole slightly ovaling

    Somebody should start making these again. I bought a set way back when for my M10 and my M11 from Alliance armament the thread on ends are Dilrin.
  3. Krink545

    50 Round Shockwave - weak springs for the ROF?

    I haven't had any problems and this is running it with a MacJack in it.
  4. Krink545

    Max 11/15 internal or external

    Which spring/buffer system did you think is better? Thinking of getting one. Thanks for your input.
  5. Krink545

    Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts

    Thanks for the update and effort to make this happen. While mine usually runs in this configuration I'd be interested in slowing it down occasionally.
  6. Krink545

    Bazooka brother’s mag adapter

    Keep up the great work. Hope it comes to fruition.
  7. Krink545

    More M16 Prices

    And I thought I was nuts when I paid 5,800. For my M16A1 in 2001.
  8. Krink545

    M11/9 Mac-Jack fun

    Shockwave mags kept up no problem.
  9. Krink545

    A video I made on my HK93 I bought in 1981

    Great video
  10. Krink545

    Need a few recommendations.

    I'm looking for a side cocking upper for my M10/45 and my M11/9. I've seen the ones listed at us machine guns is there anyone else hurt you recommend. Also looking for a KMP grip for the M10.
  11. Krink545

    Full ATF approval for S.A.B.R.E.

    Is there a recommended buffer spring?
  12. Krink545

    Full ATF approval for S.A.B.R.E.

  13. Krink545

    Full ATF approval for S.A.B.R.E.

    That would be awesome!!! :ak :mini-gun :heavy
  14. Krink545

    Full ATF approval for S.A.B.R.E.

    5.45X39 would be sweet.
  15. Krink545

    Full ATF approval for S.A.B.R.E.

    What's the best stock adapter for this setup?
  16. Krink545

    NEW AMP Receiver pin for M/11

    If I call and order will shipping be cheaper? 15.54 shipping for a pin and a set of bushings.
  17. Krink545

    NEW AMP Receiver pin for M/11

    I think its more about egging the pin holes in the receiver. There's nylon bushings that goes in the receiver and the pin goes through them. The replaceable bushing takes the pounding instead of the receiver. I could care less about scratch's.
  18. Krink545

    NEW AMP Receiver pin for M/11

    Are these available to everyone? Don't see them on the site.
  19. Krink545

    Perfect ROF

    Stock bolt. Just drop this in.

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