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    Charles Erb Sterling Mk 4- on a form 4....whats a fair price?

    I am think of selling my Charles Erb Mk4- its on a form 4. I was wondering what a fair price would be as GunBroker is all over the place and I haven't seen one on STG for a while. I am retiring in a few months and need the $$ for a house. Thanks Blue:)
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    proper sling

    All three that my department bought back in the day came with web M1 carbine slings
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    Took The Beretta 38A Out For A Test Run---I LOVE This Gun!

    :) keep it and :twoguns..otherwise if u sell ii eventually u will :bang
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    Class 3 WWII Relics - No Paperwork

    Umm..we we told by ATF agents at a safe streets seminar a few years ago that while they can't release owner info on NFA items as its tax info they would tell you if the ite, was good to go (aka registered) or not good to go..... if they can't find it or its unregistered...that's where the...
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    Class 3 WWII Relics - No Paperwork

    that's if ATF can find the paperwork...back then they usually just gave you a stamp and a letter..not a whole form like today
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    difference in the Sterling kits between Numrich and Apex ??

    who just sells SMG barrels?
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    Sterling Mk 8 - "the holy grail of Sterling machine guns"

    Or Ebay or Amazon. I my copy a few years ago for about 60 or 65 bucks off Ebay.-
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    Experimental Sterling article

    The 7.62 design pops up every now and then on someone's website. It was a contingency design for after the bomb dropped.
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    Fiber Optic Front Sight for Sterling Mk4

    I would be up for one
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    CZ 75B Omega Urban Grey - any owners out there?

    You'll like it. :)CZ 75b's are great guns . They are really the only DA/SA auto I like.
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    Self Defense Loads for 9mm Uzi

    I have run PMC starfire 124 HP's in a few SMGs without issue....a G18, a sterling and a SW 76
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    Need RG 63 Ejector System

    or try ebay....
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    Anyone own a Ruger Bearcat or Shop keeper? How do you like it?

    I had an old bearcat with the regular handle that i carried in my duty bag for dispatching critters. i liked it.
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    Polish PPS-43C 7.62x25mm conversion to 9mm

    Wasn't the PPSH 43 design copied more or less for the German Dux 53/59 or whatever it was called after the war in 9mm? Didn't the Finns make a copy in 9mm?
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    Beretta Model 950 BS .25 Auto Jetfire

    :bangThey r not fond of dry firing either. Ask me how i know lol
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    Looking for Sterling magazines and magazine pouch

    yes people never seem to mind loading sterling mags lol
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    Nice video of a Reising M55 Paratroop model.

    he's always pretty fair and hes gets to see and shoot some exotic stuff
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    EDC ammo expiration date

    Modern Defensive ammo is sealed at the primer and the case neck. Back in the day that was not the case and it made the argument to replace the ammo yearly. The biggest worry is if you constantly extract and re-chamber a round. That can weaken the crimp and lead to all kinds of problems. At my...
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    Madsen M50 9mm Smg Thoughts??

    they were the basis for several movie guns
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    Perfect use of Sterling

    Hell that's one of the reasons I bought one! It seemed the sterling was in almost all the old bond films in one way or another! On her majesty's secret service is one of the underrated bond films. I think George would have been better than Roger!:)

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