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  1. Concorde

    Mac accessory price check

    PM sent...
  2. Concorde

    ? about 380 in ZMAGS

    I've used 30-round ZMags in my large-magwell M11A1 with no problems.
  3. Concorde


    Thank you for the kind words, Homer! MIKE
  4. Concorde

    Uzi front end Mac upper price

    Pretty cool! I'd say let the market decide... put it up on GunBroker and let the bidding begin...
  5. Concorde

    Uzi Bag?

    His website, is unfortunately no more (and the domain name is up for sale) A nice reference page here on UziTalk:
  6. Concorde

    Any interest in a lighter MAC auto only trigger?

    Typical WONDERFUL service by Lage!
  7. Concorde

    Practical Solutions Uzi-style folding stock

    I bought one of their Baby Ghost uppers when I got the CFW bolt for the M11/380, put CZ Scorpion sights on it, and I bought their UZI-style folding stock to complete the package. It's a fantastic combo. I have a similar setup on an M11/9 too.
  8. Concorde

    Newcomer With First MAC

    Welcome ! There's a wealth of information here, and a lot of very knowledgeable folks willing to help.
  9. Concorde

    Rare Breed Triggers new E3 trigger

    That's really the way to go until/unless we get the multi-position selector triggers. (on an SOT/FFL7's wall)
  10. Concorde

    Any interest in a lighter MAC auto only trigger?

    Would it be much different than the one from Lage?
  11. Concorde

    I am back, and back on the 22lr upper. M11-33

    Well, duh... no way around that with multiple barrels! ;)
  12. Concorde

    I am back, and back on the 22lr upper. M11-33

    It's so nice to have you back! I've always admired that project and your design talent. I do hope you're able to finish it and commercialize it (simply because I want one)!!
  13. Concorde

    M11a1 Recoil rod length

    Gotta love this site :-)
  14. Concorde

    Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts

    Absolutely -- and we're all grateful to Mike aka CF. I've also mentioned him in my review at so folks will always be able to see his part in developing them and bringing them to market.
  15. Concorde

    M16 'Ultimax'

    This prompted me to go look at the Surefire OBC. It seems a shame that they discontinued it... or was it replaced with something else?
  16. Concorde

    Freedom Ordnance FM-9 belt fed owners

    I love mine -- two barrels, multiple nutsacks, and lots of links. Always a hit when I bring it out and other folks get to shoot it.
  17. Concorde

    Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts

    As an alternative -- though not nearly as nice nor as slow -- you could go back to the first "hybrid" style bolt that CF made. Simpler machining and less tungsten, since it was tungsten only in the rear, and attached to a cut-down steel standard M11 bolt. I own THREE of the CF-W type...
  18. Concorde

    Found these in my old man’s accessory box.

    Yes, takes two. Here's an example with three barrel thread sizes: Sam at Practical Solutions has them too, and also has a video of how to use them:
  19. Concorde

    CF-W Bolt

    I have one of the original steel-tungsten "hybrid" bolts, plus a first batch Gen 2 bolt (full length, all tungsten), and a first-batch "A" bolt, each in a different M11. Looking back, the original was $450 at the time, and then the Gen 2 was $750. I can't remember what I paid for the "A" bolt...
  20. Concorde

    Posted a bunch mac of stuff on gunbroker.

    The post is just a pointer... it's ok, but I'll close this thread. (He does have some nice items posted there)

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