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  1. Jack007

    Remington UMC 9mm Luger 147gr FMJ Subsonic?

    It was more to show that if 158 will run so flawlessly, a lighter load like 147 should have no issues. It's too bad the Izzys don't export/manuf the 158. Or at least no to the US apparently. It was not only great stuff, but it wasn't all that pricey. I don't understand the target market for...
  2. Jack007

    Mini uzi Trunnions

    I wondered when my fellow Miles admirer would eventually chime in? :-) But perhaps it was useful in that it offers an opportunity to instruct us all from time to time about the Rulz?
  3. Jack007

    Mini uzi Trunnions

    Anyone else? Just so happens that when this cryptic post appeared, I REALLY needed a Mini trunnion.
  4. Jack007

    Mini uzi Trunnions

    PM sent the other day. Hello....?
  5. Jack007

    CFW Bolt Just Sold on GB for $2900

    Where, pray tell?
  6. Jack007

    CFW Bolt Just Sold on GB for $2900

    After reading these posts, I started reminiscing a bit. Pulled up a video of me running my bolt in my PS M11 .380. Then I found my correspondence with Tom. He was such a gentleman. Kind and helpful. Saw that I paid $800 for it and he even threw in extra springs for an M11/9 etc. At the time, I...
  7. Jack007

    Uzi barrel orders, Full size, Mini & Micro. Gauging interest

    Troy doesn't thread barrels???
  8. Jack007

    Mini Uzi Selector Lettering Colors...?

    So... What's the last word on the color of IMI Mini Uzi SMG selector letters? I'm referring to ARS and not Hebrew characters. All the Full size SMG I've seen are all white. I don't have a good Mini database to refer to, but seem to remember the parts kits I saw were all white? That said, my IMI...
  9. Jack007

    Remington UMC 9mm Luger 147gr FMJ Subsonic?

    Yes. I bought several cases and I still have some. I only shoot it through suppressed guns, and honestly I don't need it THAT quiet very often. And it is QUIET. I have both the UZI brand and the Sampson brand, but only the packaging is different. It cycles both my Mini and my Micro flawlessly...
  10. Jack007

    Remington UMC 9mm Luger 147gr FMJ Subsonic?

    I've been running IMI blue tip 158 gr for years through all my Uzis. Great stuff.
  11. Jack007

    PS MAC-10/45 Failure to Fire

  12. Jack007

    And the MAC suppressor insanity continues....

    I know it's probably getting tiresome for some to hear.... but I just don't get it? In just a few years MAC cans have gone from almost impossible to give away for the $200 tax, to this: I'm convinced that somewhere someone is sitting on a BUNCH of these...
  13. Jack007

    Bayonet question

    No doubt!!! LOL
  14. Jack007

    Bayonet question

    Here's the flip side with ricasso showing the IMI logo.
  15. Jack007

    Bayonet question

    Not to hijack but since we are talking Uzi bayos....
  16. Jack007

    Bayonet question

    I got that exact frog from them. Only issue is it's a real bitch to get the eyelet over the stud on the scabbard. Not sure what they were thinking when they designed them?
  17. Jack007

    Comparing the springs from a 25 round magazine to a 32 round magazine

    Repainted and incorrect springs? Sounds like a deal I'd have gotten. LOL Well, as long as the paint is halfway holding up, you should be fine. Anxious to hear what you do with the springs? While lobbing off some coils should fix the feeding issue, my only concern would be the ends? I'd def cut...
  18. Jack007

    Mini and Micro Stock Tubing (Cover)

    FYI... The seller, Destiny, is a well known and LOVED member of the NFA community. First class person. She's had some health issues in recent years but refuses to give up. Not a lot of females in our community. She's an expert in all things Destructive Devices too. Surprised she hasn't chimed in...
  19. Jack007

    Do factory IMI SMG Uzi's have S/N's on individual parts?

    I have seen plenty of IMI and FN lowers stamped with the serial number. I can't be certain, but I suspect they were all military/police issue. I actually ground the S/N off when I had it refinished as I thought it was confusing on an NFA gun. Yes, it looks a bit unusual, but I figure it adds a...
  20. Jack007

    Remington UMC 9mm Luger 147gr FMJ Subsonic?

    I have had ZERO luck with any REM UMC ammo in subguns. 9mm was spotty at best in my Uzis and wouldn't even cycle my MAC in .45 ACP. YMMV

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