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    Looking for .22lr links for Razorback

    Thanks for the range reports. I replied to amphibian on that for me it is more of a collectable and not for function. Probably no redeeming value in getting some.
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    Looking for .22lr links for Razorback

    Missed out on ordering them years ago and wondering if anyone knows where I can get some. Thanks
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    Delrin Takedown Pins

    Brass is a no go. I would only try Delrin. I have a CNC shop and could make a run of these if there is a benefit. I just don't have time to test these at the moment. Machines are pretty busy right now and would need to plan for a gap in the work on one of the lathes so I could do it on a...
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    How to keep suppressor tight on 7/8x9 threaded uppers?

    My personal experience with nordlock washers wasn't good. I feel like I have to line them up just so plus the ones I used seemed to mar the shoulder/can interface. Teflon tape just works better for me.
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    Recommendation of vendors for M10 fire control group?

    Wanting to put together a parts kit. Any recommended vendors? Thanks
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    A Sad Update For The Tenko 10-16

    +1. Do it right and sleep well.
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    Suomi Drum Prices

    They look pretty good to me. I'm in for some if the price is right.
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    Scott, I'm partnered in a CNC shop in Tulsa that has done regular work for Curtis Higgins and...

    Scott, I'm partnered in a CNC shop in Tulsa that has done regular work for Curtis Higgins and Bill Fleming. If there are any parts we can help with I'd be excited to be part of this project. Tom
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    The "Big Thing" For The Mac Style Family Of Registered Receivers

    Scott, I'm really happy to see this come to market. I just emailed Tina to get on the list. Thanks for cooking this thing up. Tom
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    Distal Lives!

    Such a cool build!
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    What’s the deal on M10 prices? Is $8k asked by Ruben for real?

    It is my understanding that the wipe on the end of the can is legal to replace as long as the one that is removed is destroyed FIRST.(cut in half) Punch a hole in a new piece of rubber and put it in the can. The issue is that you can't have replacement parts laying around. Like a baffle stack...
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    How to proceed with an idea

    There is a free online CAD program called Onshape. It's what I've learned on and I highly recommend you look at that as your starting point. It can be run on a very basic computer with only an internet connection and even viewed on a smartphone. I routinely use it to model something and drop...
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    Calico m11 upper

    Someone claiming to be from Calico was on this board a little while back and had posted about resurrecting the project. Said they would honor previous orders. I was either number 1 or 2 on the list years ago for this upper and had put down a deposit. I posted my info and they said that they...
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    New MAX-11/15 Videos

    I look at the price for the upper through the lens of what an M16 would cost. What are they now, 20K for a conversion and 30K for a Colt? An M11 is 8K plus 3K for the Lage upper AND it's open bolt(to me a positive). I'd call that a cost savings. I'm happy to wait till he comes out with the...
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    New MAX-11/15 Videos

    Oh man, I just got in my MAX-10/31 and it's awesome. PLEASE make this for the M10/45 guys!
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    Suomi Coffin mag springs

    I'd be in for 10 sets
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    max 10/31 and suomi coffins

    I'd be interested in a group buy as well.
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    The MAX-10/31 Prototype

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    The MAX-10/31 Prototype

    I've got drums on the way and coffin mags ready to go. I'm #167 so it's going to be a while.
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    12 ga upper for M-11/9 project

    I was planning on a tripod but you know there will be an obligatory hip shot video.

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