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    M11-9 Sten mag conversion

    I think if the seller included 10 or 20 mags, many buyers probably wouldn't care much. I certainly wouldn't. I'd prefer a sten mag converted example since I have a good supply of mags for it already.
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    Nighthawk Firearms M10 OBS Pistol Frame? Anyone heard of these?

    Correct, I was referring to their new style 9mm. I realize it's not apples to apples.
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    Nighthawk Firearms M10 OBS Pistol Frame? Anyone heard of these?

    What would the point of buying one of these be for the price they seem to sell for? The last one on GB sold for $405. Seems like a lot to pay when you can buy a new MPA for $399 at PSA when they're on sale (currently $520). Unless there is a place selling these frames for less?
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    Nighthawk Firearms M10 OBS Pistol Frame? Anyone heard of these?

    I was watching that auction but it went for more than made sense to me.
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    Volunteer Commando Mark 45 Magazine Questions

    I believe the catch hole needs to be enlarged/elongated.
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    Volunteer Commando Mark 45 Magazine Questions

    I haven't bought a magazine yet. Mine is the Thompson magazine model. The other model is grease gun mags which I hoped this used since I have those already.
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    Volunteer Commando Mark 45 Magazine Questions

    Thanks for the response, sorry to bring up bad memories! I'm going to pick up a USGI mag or two and I'll try to get the hole opened up properly. Mine came as a package deal with a Demro Tac-1. I wasn't super interested in the Volunteer but had to buy both. I agree, the grip is awful. Maybe I'll...
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    Volunteer Commando Mark 45 Magazine Questions

    Does anyone happen to have a Volunteer Enterprises Commando Mark 45 that could snap a few pics or measurements of their magazine? This is the model that uses Thompson magazines, not Grease gun. I need to determine the size/location of the catch. Just won one from an auction but no magazines. I...
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    New 5.0" STEN barrel

    That looks great!
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    New gun: MAC-5

    I hope it works. I had the MPA .22 and even though I loved it, it just did not work.
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    M10/9 mag jackpot

    I'm not a watch person but if I inherited a collection of watches from someone I knew was passionate about them, I would take the time to research their value. This kid could have spent 20 minutes while sitting on the toilet and googled the values to realize what they were worth. Most people...
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    M10/9 mag jackpot

    Not to be rude but it sounds like your buddy's kid was either A: not very bright B: addicted to substances and needed money C: both It also sounds like they had a poor relationship. My dad left his guns to me when he passed and they were lovingly moved into my collection where they were properly...
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    Omega O-760 build

    My comment was in response to Scotty57's post stating these kits were stolen from him.
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    Omega O-760 build

    Wow, that is quite the turn of events! I guess I am glad I didn't buy one....
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    I am back, and back on the 22lr upper. M11-33

    I'm pretty sure he's using the CP-33 mags because he worked at Kel-Tec for a long time and designed the mags. I could be wrong but I don't know that he wants to switch to a different mag.
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    Tenko Submissions 9mm CB 5.56 OB

    Both are the same for me as well.
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    Police Model origins

    I assumed you were much older based on all of your MAC knowledge :ROFLMAO: Now it makes sense that the 87 in your username is the year you were born. I figured I was one of the younger members here at 38!
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    Looking for a small Allen wrench
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    Omega O-760 build

    I want one of these kits... Edit, found them for sale.
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    omega 760?

    Thanks, I was hoping he had a whole cache of them. Look forward to seeing yours!

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