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    Does the folding stock screw need to be staked?

    No. Blue locktite is all you need.
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    Does anyone have those long Dutch wood stocks for sale?

    Check on GB. I've seen new production stocks on there. Some with & without hardware. Keep your eyes out for one of those Dutch metal stocks as well. I got mine from AMS Militaria a couple years ago. It has a 1" longer length of pull compared to my polymer stock. It took about a month to get here...
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    Price check on AA Semi Auto Wood Stock?

    $75-$100 would be my guess if it is mint. Could bring a little more on GunBroker but once the fees get factored in you will be back to the same ballpark.
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    What optics do you run on your uzi?

    I used to run an Armson OEG that came with a Model B semi-auto that I bought years ago at a gunshow. I have since upgraded it to a 1.5x15 Mini-Acog mounted on a MM04 adapter. I would love to find another one of those adapters. I have another ACOG for it. They have long discontinued that screw...
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    Uzi Feed Issue: Help

    I ran into this exact issue when trying out my Vector mini uzi with one of the new Barrel Exchange heavy bolts. I was pulling whats left of my hair out trying to figure out what the problem was. It turns out, I had multiple issues. The 1st problem I found was that a barrel I bought from Vector...
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    UZI Extractors

    I thought I was doing good on Uzi extractors until someone pointed out the difference between the Sarco ones and the correct IMI ones. Mainly that the little slot on the back didn't line up with the retaining pin being the dead giveaway. I discovered that over half of mine in my very small stash...
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    Price Check - C&S Metal-Werkes 72 Round Uzi Drum Mag

    I had my eye on this top cover linked below but it got absolutely stupid. Mini-Uzi parts are absolutely drying up. Thankfully there is someone making new stripped covers that can be built up by robbing parts from a full size cover. They don't have the teeth cut in them but at least there's...
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    Uzi K grip screws

    Mine arrived today. Thanks.
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    Spare parts to keep on hand? And good sources for them?

    Keep your eyes on Gunbroker as well. I scored a beautiful Belgian barrel for $175.00. They described it as used but that thing looks gorgeous. Fantastic bore. I paid over $300 for one that was listed as brand new and the one I just got looks better.
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    Uzi K grip screws

    I'll take some as well.
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    Mini uzi open bolt running away- possible solutions?

    Also, make sure your feet can come all the way up. In playing around with various grip frames, I noticed the the ring on the semi-auto ramp would not allow a full auto sear to come up all the way but a semi-auto sear would because there is a wider distance between the feet. I only noticed...
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    Mini uzi open bolt running away- possible solutions?

    Are you using a sear (mini & micro) that has just one foot (which is all they need because they are closed bolt or two? If your sear has 2 feet is it a semi auto sear or full auto? The geometry is different between the two. I have a registered sear and brought up the geometry question with...
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    Smg Uzi vector/group industries

    There is a Vector 22LR kit on Sturm with 3 mags for 1K. Do note that the mags alone are worth 450. I'm in no way affiliated.
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    Uzi barrel orders, Full size, Mini & Micro. Gauging interest

    Could you post some photos of what your ports look like on your mini & micro barrels.
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    Smg Uzi vector/group industries

    Most folks will break off the accessories and sell them separately. You leave money on the table when selling stuff as a package most of the time. Keep you eyes peeled and 22 kits will show up. Rumor has it Subgun Ordnance is making another batch of them sometime???
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    Smg Uzi vector/group industries

    If anyone is looking for a full size Uzi right now, David Spiwak has several. He generally tries to price his guns a tad bit lower so that they will move. I've bought 3 machine guns from him over the years along with various accessories and have had nothing but good experiences when dealing with...
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    Mags received, positive feedback left and is always appreciated. Thanks again, Delta-10

    Mags received, positive feedback left and is always appreciated. Thanks again, Delta-10
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    Closed Bolt 22 for SMG

    I literally lucked out and found the magazine to one of those Walther Umarex uzi's in a guy's mag been last week for $10. Needless to say, I threw it on GunBroker and it's already up to $80.
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    Closed Bolt 22 for SMG

    I don't believe so.
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    Need info on a registered receiver with a blocking bar and a slotted bolt

    Personally, I would not buy an uzi with the slotted bolt unless it is considerably less. At last a couple thousand. I bought several machine guns from David Spiwak. He has several uzi's for sale at the moment. Look at his and compare his offerings to the uzi you are looking at. Give him a call...

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