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    FOIA received for an Ingram M10 serial 1-300xxxx

    What is the benefit of C&R status? Any firearm older than 50 years is eligible for this?
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    I'm Back

    Anyone know about this adapter for the lage upper setup? Is this for Gen 1 or 2 or both? Does this help secure the Viper locking collar? If you just tighten the locking collar screws down on the bbl (Lage Gen1), they eventually loosen; any tips for securing this other than loctite?
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    M-11/9 Disassembly/Reassembly Videos?

    If anybody is looking for a detail strip video of the M-10, you can always PM Vegas SMG, I believe he was quite enthusiastic about making one while back should there be demand. THANKS VEGAS!!!!
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    VIDEO my Grandpa (90) shooting an M11

    He seems like a respectable man. Good for him.
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    MAX-10/45 Speed Bolt for Gen 1 MAX-10/45

    Are these still offered or is there a way to special order one? Possibility of future runs?
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    The Colt employee's name is John Keyosayian

    Then you should have nothing to worry about.
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    The Colt employee's name is John Keyosayian

    I thought you said in the past yours was one of the black guns?
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    The Colt employee's name is John Keyosayian

    While this collection as a whole may come under scrutiny, these A4 "A2's" don't invalidate the rest of the collection, and especially not for legal purposes. If a rifle has the proper stampings, finish, features, serial number, etc., it is almost certain to be authentic and impossible to...
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    Reviving the "What's Next Lage" thread

    +1 Rifle Caliber belt fed, preferably 7.62 x 51
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    The Colt employee's name is John Keyosayian

    And yes, at some point, these post '86 A4 "pre '86 A2's " will be commandeered by BATFE without compensation to current owners. It's already in the works.
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    The Colt employee's name is John Keyosayian

    Jesus Christ, are you guys still on about this? This is common knowledge in some circles.
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    Considering a colt lmg upper

    Other than the 741, is anyone aware of any relatively sufficient commercial alternatives to the Colt LMG for an LMG upper?
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    The official MAC picture thread

    You are correct sir! Thanks Fulautotank.
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    The official MAC picture thread

    hahahaha. You seem like someone who was bullied and disregarded growing up. Tell the truth, you've referred to yourself as a sheepdog at some point in your life. hahaha. Fishman.
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    The official MAC picture thread

    Slomo is retarded. Stop trying to be dramatic/artistic and just post the normal footage.
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    Fast MAC Concept

    I heard that too. Uh, MP5... SOCOM is still part of the US Military last time I checked.
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    Another mystery "Pennsylvania" Colt?

    Hahahahaha. "The previous owner claims it's extremely late factory configuration pushed out before the machine gun ban in 1986 using A2 receiver and m4 carbine parts. We contacted Colt and unfortunately weren't able to confirm or deny this." Yeah, by extremely late, he means 1994...
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    RR + Geissele SSF; Use KNS Gen-G or not?

    Thanks for the update.
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    RR + Geissele SSF; Use KNS Gen-G or not?

    Any word on this? Curious myself.

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