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  1. theduke

    AM 180

    Dudes Name is Mr Happy. Don't Know Him. He is an engineer......duh. These will be for sale once refined He says.......somewhere in the 1500$ range iirc. Thread on if you want first hand info. I know some of you are on that site as well as here.....I've not seen Mr Happy here...
  2. theduke

    16” Barreled M10/9 Upper?

    Theres lots of old school ones out there as well as the Masterpiece ones. I have a bunch of odd stuff from the 80's era I assume. Check with that RPB thread with all the old stuff...Might be some pics warned....for whatever reason the prices have climbed.
  3. theduke

    Any experience running a Oly .45acp upper ?

    Had one , Never used it sold it. Oly is no more.....Uzi 45 mags with the block were the originals. Then Oly made the Plastic ones. Not sure if someone bought out OLY and still makes these Mags. I bought a bunch of spares for the 40 & 9mm uppers before they shut down years ago......was an...
  4. theduke

    AM 180

    Some dude over on the 1919a4 built this loader. Enjoy
  5. theduke

    Volunteer Enterprises Open Bolt project?

    Look at a Vigeron.. Similar to GG but a bit different with some overhang of receiver at rear. Same wire type slideing stock. Most all other OB tube guns have the pistol grip at the rear most area. Now you could chop your pistol grip just below trigger gard. Add a pistol grip to the rear and...
  6. theduke

    Volunteer Enterprises Open Bolt project?

    GG would be the answer. How to move the pistol grip rearwards is the question. So this is the round receiver version I gather.
  7. theduke

    Freedom Ordnance FM-9 belt fed owners

    Be nice if they would just build these again. If they service them , they must have the parts. The market is still there......Make some more please....
  8. theduke

    RPB gunsmith youtube video

    Mitch's ghost has it I presume. Not much gets by Him. @MitchWerbellsGhost87
  9. theduke

    Mac Style Mag ID Help

    More pics.......Is there an Eagle or double headed eagle on front or rear?
  10. theduke

    Unknown MAC adapter identification

    I could put that to use......I doo weird stuff all the time.
  11. theduke

    Aves Engineering?

    Yeepp....Vmac was the one.
  12. theduke

    Aves Engineering?

    Theres a few threads about these. I started one of them a few months ago. Guy up here had a couple for cheap. I forget the details but they are a touch goofy. Charge handle reciprocates with bolt which may or may not be an issue for end user ,is one of them. iirc....some are aluminum??..I...
  13. theduke

    Is a Mini-Uzi Barrel Really $1,000 Now????

    Doubledum Can't you convert one of the other models to this Mini thing?
  14. theduke

    What is this

    pics are tricky here post it on any other site then just copy/paste it here.....that my only sucessfull approach
  15. theduke

    What is this

    post a pic sounds like some air soft attatchment
  16. theduke

    Lage 22 mk2 conversion kit question

    Did not know there were 2 versions of the unit for a stock upper. Whats the difference and how do you tell one from Two..?? Have A unit for stock upper that always works. And another for the Gen 1 Max 11.....never messed with it yet.
  17. theduke

    Tungsten bolt in Max31a

    I like the sound of it. Its different for sure.
  18. theduke

    Tungsten bolt in Max31a

    When you get Expert advice on the first try ... you should probly heed the warning. If it was a good idea it would have been done already. BTW...your not the first to ask. He responds to these questions rather instantly...cause its a bad idea.
  19. theduke

    Interesting and Expensive Ingrams on GB

    The name says a bit....perhaps were haunted.
  20. theduke

    Interesting and Expensive Ingrams on GB

    They been up a couple few weeks.....Straight outta the Book. Very nice indeed. I susspect the owner is a Member.

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