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  • Medphys, didn't wanna put this on open forum & hijack a thread. I respect you&concede you know more about NFA stuff than I.
    However, the reason "gunsmiths" charge so much more is they don't have as much work as a General machine,or tool&die,shop. Also, a gunsmith may thread 5 barrels a week, whereas busy machine shops usually have a guy whose only job is on a thread cutter.
    I grew up at the knee of a great gunsmith(he "manufactured" over 150 firearms,(every single part) including at least 12 FA's(pre86). Also, my father-in-law is a career machinist w/over 35 years on the job.
    I hope this answers my reasoning to the answer I gave re: bbl threading.

    Back in business with kit #2 ;)

    Why do I see half of a MAX-11 mk2 shell on your wall? What are you up to?
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