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  • Keith:

    Thanks very much for your message! All is well with the family. We evacuated Stuart and went to Orlando where my folks live after winds were predicted to get to 115 to 130 mph in Stuart. Kinda nervewracking driving on the turnpike with all my NFA, mags, and ammo! Wife, kids and cats were in a separate car. Winds wound up only getting to 60 to 80 in Stuart, and my neighbors said our area didn't even lose power!

    How did you guys do? Any damage at your house or the range?

    Been bummed to miss the last few matches. Trigger finger is getting itchy! Last month for the match had to go to Alabama (where my wife's family lives) because her grandmother is having health issues.

    Wound up selling my second and last Sterling MK7 to a buddy of Greg Gilbert's, and used some of the proceeds to buy a S&W 76 from a guy in Sunrise. Sent the paperwork in at the first of July. I texted him to see if he's OK, but not heard back.

    Keeping my fingers crossed to make Oct. match.

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