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  • Yes I am new here so I am seeking knowledgeable assistance with the following issue.I recently acquired a Powder Springs Mac 10 45acp. My first machine gun purchase. My problem is with several magazines "most" the gun will fire ONLY SEMI AUTO. No jams failure to feed or eject etc. It is only that with a lot of magazines that it will not continue firing. I have a Lage grip assembly with dual mag catches.I am using cut and uncut Grease Gun mags. The one magazine that works happens to be one that is cut. I would greatly appreciate help with members knowledge and any experience with this.
    Hello, I'm needing two type A toggles and two spring and pin sets.
    I have 07/02 licenses and would also like to buy two 80% DIAS kits, finish, serial number and register as post samples.
    George S Young, Owner
    Guns and Ammunition
    Mike, I started the Max11/15 scam thread. The seller that the thread referenced finally returned my multiple emails and after back in forth all day he refunded my money. Can you delete the thread or at least lock it please?

    Thank you,
    Raymond Keeney the former ARA employee.
    No, when I have the tabs made as a group order, it's only for the exact quantity pre-ordered/pre-paid -- I don't "stock" them for sale. It normally takes a minimum order of 30 for the machineshop to set up to do them.
    I noticed that you host

    Was wondering if you have any tutorials for the M-10 FCG?

    I was using the tutorial of the M11 to change out all the lower parts in a M10 while it is sitting at my dealers. The only real difference I noticed is that the trigger spring is installed differently for the M-10 vs the M-11.
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