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Ever had your hands on an Uzi Pistol? Many people haven't. If you're one of the ones who haven't, you might be wondering about their construction - what's the same as a full sized carbine and what's different? Here's a detailed look - inside and out - at how the UZI pistol compares to an IMI Model A.

The Grip Assembly:

The lowers are largely  the same, sharing most parts and having the same basic geometry. The grip panels on the UZI Pistol are clearly different than the rounded edges of the classic UZI.


The Grip Frame:

The front and rear of the grip frame are shaped differently to contour with the shorter UZI Pistol receiver. The front tab that inserts into a slot in the receiver is thicker on the carbine. As a result there is no way to put a carbine (or SMG) lower in the pistol.


The Fire Control Mechanism:

The firing mechanisms are identical except that the pistol only has one sear pad that reaches up through the receiver, whereas the carbine has two.


The Top Cover:

Obviously the top cover for the pistol is shorter. It's also more squared off in the front. The pistol also has a flat cocking knob instead of a round one.


The Receiver:

The pistol receiver is substantially shorter but all the cut outs for the lower are pretty much identical - except the slot where the tab for the grip frame slides in.


The Receiver Markings:

Here's what the receiver markings look like:


The Sights:

The front sight on the UZI pistol is the same design as the Model B front sight. The rear sight is windage adjustable like the model B, however it has a single aperture instead of the L type flip sight on the model B.


The Barrel:

The barrels have the same basic structure - narrower around the chamber to fit inside the barrel ring; wider in the trunion area for a snug fit. The barrel nuts are completely different.


The Bolt:

The pistol bolt is considerable shorter and uses the same carrier safety as the model B.


The Firing Pin Carrier:

The firing pin carrier/recoil assembly is significantly different in the UZI pistol.


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