South Dakota Machine Gun Shoot



The first annual Gengerke Tactical Supply Shoot Festival was held near Groton, South Dakota on September 6 & 7, 2003. They don't have a permanent shooting range, but rather a temporary range was set up in the wide open fields of South Dakota. They did an excellent job preparing the site. They had a large parking area, a lunch wagon with a lot of tables set up under a tent, two large raised seating areas for spectators to watch the action and three good sized shooting areas.

Each day was broken up into a schedule of events - open shooting, machine gun shooting, silencer shooting, long range rifle competition, shotgun bowling pin competition and gun rentals. The only rentals available were the guns rented by Gengerke Tactical Supply. They had HK UMPs and HK G36s available for $35 for 25 rounds. That's a very high rental price compared to other shoots but a fair number of people gave it a try anyway.

There were maybe 150 attendees on Saturday. A fairly small crowd but it was the first year. Most of the attendees were spectators watching the few that brought weapons to shoot. More info on Gengerke can be found at


Here are some of the guns that showed up at the event. Click on the links below so see photos:

Browning 1919 in .308
Another Browning 1919
HK G3 shorty
HK G36 with dual sight
Vector Mini UZI
MP5 with Gemtech Raptor
Remington 700 action with Gemtech suppressor
HK UMP rental
Group Industries UZI
Aimpoint mounted on UZI

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