Minnesota Machine Gun Shoot




The Minnesota Machine Gunners Association hosts two machine gun fairs a year - one in the spring and one in the fall. They are held in Princeton Minnesota, about 25 miles east of St. Cloud and only an hour or so north of the Twin Cities. The majority of the guns that show up at the fair are available to rent so it's a great place to see and try out a variety of weapons. Rental prices vary but a typical price is $10 for one full magazine in a mag fed gun or $25 for 50 rounds on a belt fed gun. Also present are some WWII vehicles. Rides in them are available. Food is sold there and parking is close. There are no organized events or matches at this shoot. It's all about sending lots of lead down range as fast as possible.

The Fall 2004 fair had somewhere on the order of 500 attendees. More info on the fair can be found at www.tankride.com.

Here are some some of the things seen at the Fall 2004 shoot. Click on the links below so see photos:

- Browning 1917 water cooled (left side)
- Browning 1917 water cooled (right side)
- Browning 1919A4 on an MG42 anti-aircraft tripod
- Browning 1919A4 with 12" barrel on an MG42 ground tripod
- Browning 1919A4 with 12" barrel on an M2 tripod. This gun is LOUD!
- AK47
- Hungarian AMD86
- Armalite AR-10 (.308)
- Armalite AR-18
- British Bren - rewelded dealer sample
- Bren magazine box
- Finnish Suomi M31
- Finnish M44 - based on the Russian PPS-43
- Harper's Ferry flintlock
- Japanese Model 99
- M3 Grease Gun
- M16
- M16 in 9mm
- M16 with Beta C mag
- Danish Madsen
- FN MAG58 on an Israeli tripod
- Maxim 1910
- German MG34 on a Bren tripod
- German MG34 transit case
- German MG42
- Vector Mini UZI
- Vector Mini UZI
- HK MP5
- Russian PPsh-41
- Reising Model 50
- HK SL8-1 with modifications
- German Stg44
- German Stg44
- S&W 76
- Russian T-34 Tank captured by the Germans
- Vector UZI with short "FBI" length barrel
- Vector V-93 (copy of the HK-93)
- Czech VZ37 8mm belt fed with tripod (left side)
- Czech VZ37 (right side)
- Czech VZ37 (top cover)
- Czech VZ37 (feedway)
- Czech VZ37 link loader

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