Knob Creek - Spring 2004



Knob Creek - a name synonymous with machine guns. Twice a year, machine gun enthusiasts from across the US and beyond congregate south of Louisville, Kentucky for the largest machine gun shoot and military gun show in the United States. Whether you're buying, selling, shooting or just watching, this event is not to be missed. More information on the Knob Creek shoots can be found at

Several UZI Talk members attended the Spring 2004 shoot, including 96thTallarn, amphibian, carcass, grassyknoll, joeblack, Brkdnc and David Hineline. Some of the members were sporting their new UZI Talk t-shirts to help identify each other and to do a little advertising. Here are a few photos from the event. (Click on the description to see the photo.)

- Two Mini Guns and a Browning 1919A4 on the line ready for action.
- Craig Wheatley had a nice display of weapons for sale.
- Erik from Autowerks showing off an assortment of Macs.
- Registered receiver M16's converted by Tim Lafrance for the movie Escape from LA.
- UZI previously owned by Kermit the Frog.
- Lots of green UZI grips.
- HK 51b and a SIG SG 551.
- Hummer with a .50BMG M2HB mounted on the top. Impressive!
- Interesting M11 with a sidecocker that uses an M16 charging handle.
- Close-up of a minigun.
- Minigun from the Terminator movie - yours for only $275,000. Also a beautiful RPD.
- Dealer sample .40S&W Mini UZI imported by UZI America (Mossberg).
- Open bolt 12 ga. shotgun.
- 40mm pump grenade launcher.
- Registered receiver IMI UZI conversion done by Qualified.
- Machine gun rental prices.
- SAR-21 from Singapore.
- Tippmann Model M2HB from Lakeside Machine.
- IMI UZI with registered B&G bolt.
- Box of parts - including lots of UZI receiver back plates and sight ears.
- Early model IMI Micro UZI.

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